Chiptune on GameBoys
2022-07-24, 21:00–22:00, DNA 🧬

I will show you the basics of Nanoloops (2). A 16 step looper for GameBoys and Gameboy Advance that lets you create your own chiptune music.
Remember the sounds of your cracked games or the awesome demos archived at ? Now it is time to compose them yourself.

This workshop is for everyone interested in making music on a GameBoy. I will show you the features that this awesome program has to offer and then we will create some loops together.
Nanoloops offers 16 steps,4 stereo channels, filters, envelopes, midi sync and much more.
I will bring as many copies of Nanoloops 2 and 1 as I can get until MCH but I only own 3 GBAs and 4 DMGs

+++ Please bring your own GameBoys* and Headphones and get a copy of Nanoloops in advance if possible+++ I will provide 10 devices and cards

*Every model including NDS-lite works fine, Analouge Pockets come with NL2 included
If linking to the shop is not allowed please remove the link. I do not profit from it in any away.

I make music on GameBoys. Because of that I have played at SHA 2017, several Chaos Events and small clubs in the past years. At MCH I would like to offer a few workshops for those interested. You will probably spot me in a pink striped cheshire cat onesy during the evenings and at the ZTL assembly during the day, although my days begin late ;-)