Turmio / Mikko Kenttälä

I have been working in InfoSec since 2009. As a profession I have concentrated on building cyber security solutions. I also still love to get technical and I do vulnerability research as a hobby.

As said in my Twitter bio:
Im interested about Hacking, Cyber and politics.

Founder and CEO of @SensorFu

Board member: @KyberVPK / @JK_ry

InfoSec Specialist: @effi_ry (Electronic Frontier Finland)

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My journey to find vulnerabilities in macOS
Turmio / Mikko Kenttälä

My journey to find vulnerabilities in macOS. During 2020 and 2021 I found two major vulnerabilities from macOS. In this presentation I walk you through the whole exploit chain to compromise users' sensitive data with one click. I will also explain my methodology to find logic bugs.

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