In my day job I work as a freelance network designer, mainly for large enterprises and telco's. I dedicate my spare time to restore sovereignty and freedom in the digital domain. I'm one of the initiators of 'The Coalition for Fair Digital Education’ (in Dutch: CEDO2022) – (this collation in not related to any political party). See

I am also coordinator of the Pirate party of Delft that works together with student-party STIP - the largest coalition party in Delft. Our goal is to make sure that Delft switches to open source and privacy-by-design solutions and publishes all non-private data as open data. See

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Free children from the digital stranglehold

The current digital educational system is dominated by tech giants. Fundamental rights, like the privacy, freedom and sovereignty of children, parents and educators are insufficiently secured. Ed-tech is mainly closed source and full of vendor lockins. Products are either overpriced, harvesting data, or both. The time to replace surveillance capitalist based Ed-tech by ethical open source alternatives is now. And our coalition for fair digital education is going to do it.

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