Cybersecurity and media are my passions. You will find me doing in-depth technical stuff like CTFs and security tests but also creating media - like podcasts, video's and events. You can check out my projects below - but even better: talk to me at MCH!

Challenge The Cyber ( - Events and competitions for young cyber talent. The highlight is the selection of the Dutch team to compete at the European Cyber Security Challenge against the other European countries.

Wat de Hack?! Podcast ( - A Dutch cybersecurity podcast in which we interview various people in the cyberspace in an easy-going manner to find out what they do and that their dilemmas are.

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Everything is an input device (fun with barcodes)
Muse, Jasper

If we consider technology sufficiently advanced indistinguishable from magic, then the closest we get to ancient magical glyphs are barcodes. In this talk, we will show how barcodes are not just simple numbers, but can be used to control the machines.

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