Allan Cecil (dwangoAC) is a security consultant with Bishop Fox by day and is a published author, patent holder, and accomplished public speaker. He is on staff as senior ambassador of, a website devoted to using emulators to complete video games as quickly as the hardware allows. As keeper of TASBot he is a Twitch partner at and a YouTube partner at supported by a vibrant https://Discord.TAS.Bot community. He participates in Games Done Quick and other charity speedrunning marathons, using TASBot to entertain viewers with unique glitches in games that have helped raise more than $1M for various charities.

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TASBot OoT ACE: How to get the Triforce on an N64 via controller input

TASBot has appeared at multiple charity events raising more than $1.3M to date by hacking classic video game consoles through controller ports. In this talk, dwangoAC will show how TASBot, with help from a human speedrunner, can use a Stale Reference Manipulation exploit in the N64 game Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time to achieve persistent Arbitrary Code Execution to obtain the Triforce and many other surprising outcomes that have to be seen to be believed.

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