H. O. Klompenmaker

Data archaeologist in combination with Reverse Engineering.
Finds data that nobody else can find.
Creator off order out off Chaos.

Got involve in finding data before the cool guys took off with it, not knowing that there was something like OSINT as an in a job.
Spend his life the last two years mostly only offline looking for adventures in hardware hacking.

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Collect all the data (more than you ever need)
H. O. Klompenmaker

Are you curious, and looking for a fun project perhaps this workshop is something for you?
The capabilities of both generating and collecting data have been increasing rapidly in the last several decades. Everybody needs info / data in life.
Some examples:
In your job to find new businesses opportunity’s or just to "spy" on employees or your competitors?
Reverse engineering for a simple replay attack, you might need to know the frequency, Chip vendor .or layout
Finding your long lost friends, loves-once from long ago.
Some time's you know it must be out there somewhere but you just can't find it.
Why can't you find it and how to improve your search skills on gathering or collecting data.
Step by step I will guide you in the art off “collecting data”.
And NO is not an option is something I hope to gain.

This is NOT an debate about the ethics or politics of online reconnaissance on personal information gathering.*
Further this is not a guide/training to steal information for criminal purposes.

*If you would like to discuss this we could do this after in the Lounge

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