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Almost four years ago, August 2018, the Dutch Cybersecurity expert Arjen Kamphuis disappeared while being on holiday in Norway. His disappearance is still veiled in mysteries. His kayak was found in a fjord near Bodø, but some days later his cellphone connected to a network deep in the south of Norway. Someone with his opsec and a his healthy distrust of governments and other authorities would have secured his mobile devices, so this ping must have been Kamphuis himself. Or so it was believed..


public showing of the 4 part series "ze weten alles van je"
jos weyers, helma de boer

Public viewing of the 4 part Videoland series "ze weten alles van je"
This movie is about the disappearance of Arjen Kamphuis. Arjen was part of orga of several early dutch hackercamps and regularly spoke at such events. It's safe to say he is "one of us"

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