Bart van den Akker

Used to be a Linux guru with speciality on VoIP, but decided to start a computer museum in 2016 and doing that now. I can talk for hours about any of these subjects, but that happens when you are a museum director. However, I call myself a 'computer historian' and know of every computer or pieces of hardware in the HomeComputerMuseum the history of the manufacturer, the history of the particular type AND in most cases the story about the previous owner.

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HomeComputerMuseum, the making, the challenges and the importance.
Bart van den Akker

The HomeComputerMuseum's idea originated in 2016 and opened the doors in 2018. Since then, we faced several challenges but we came out on the other end and became one of the largest museums about computers with an award-winning social impact, an enormous social network, collaborations over the whole world and even are of essential importance to the Dutch government. The talk is about the original concept, how we build it to what it is now.

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