James Tomasino

James has worked in web technologies since the early 2000s. He has experience across industries including pharmaceuticals, government, oil, and consumer advertising and in that time has been a developer, designer, user experience architect, dev-ops engineer, data analyst, experience design innovator, digital strategist, and more. For several years he managed teams at multiple offices across multiple cities in the eastern United States as the technology director. Today he freelances as a web developer and digital strategist. James was also a nuclear electronics technician in the US Navy and spent time as a Jesuit while exploring a religious vocation.

James is a Gopher evangelist and operates a public-access *nix system called Cosmic Voyage. It is an open community for amateur writers to share in a semi-collaborative science fiction universe while exploring command line skills. He is one of the operators of the Tildeverse, a collective of like-minded "tilde" servers in the style of Paul Ford's tilde club. You can find him all over the web and in IRC.

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Rocking the Web Bloat: Modern Gopher, Gemini and the Small Internet
James Tomasino

The web is a mess, bloated with data-gathering trackers, predatory UX, massive resource loads, and it is absorbing everything it touches. The Small Internet is a counter-cultural movement to wrangle things back under control via minimalism, hands-on participation, and good old fashioned conversation. At its heart are technologies like the venerable Gopher protocol or the new Gemini protocol offering a refuge and a place to dream of a better future.

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Clairvoyance 🔮
Making sense of social media, freedom of speech, and fascists
Christopher Guess, James Tomasino, rysiek

Do we want social media platforms that provide neutral platform for pluralistic debate, or do we want social media platforms that protect their users from abuse and de-platform abusers? Can we have both? Is moderation censorship? Is Signal social media?

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