Ron Roozendaal

Ron Roozendaal is director of Information Policy and CIO of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. He is responsible for Information Policy in the health care sector (e.g. big data, cybersecurity, cybersecurity, identification and authentication and interoperability), the functioning of the Dutch Healthcare Information Council and quality assurance as to the aspect of information and ICT in the activities of the Ministry. Furthermore, he is also the director of the Programme Directorate tasked with the development of digital solutions to address the COVID-19 pandemic, e.g. national notification app (CoronaMelder) and the test and vaccination certificate app.

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Hacking COVID: Hackers helping the government
Brenno de Winter, Ron Roozendaal

During the COVID19-pandemic the Netherlands turned to hackers to help them make digital solutions to fight the pandemic. Why was it? What does this do to a government body like ministry? What does this mean for privacy, security and the tech choices that are made?

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