Alexander Færøy

Alexander is a computer programmer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. During the day, he leads The Tor Project's Network Team -- the team responsible for building the software that runs the Tor network and the client to access the network. He enjoys traveling, reading, and planning the BornHack hacker camp in Denmark. Alexander has, over the years, contributed to numerous free and open-source software projects such as Linux distributions, the IRC ecosystem, and the Erlang ecosystem.

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Modernizing the Tor Ecosystem for the Future
Alexander Færøy

In this presentation, we will be updating the audience on the ongoing modernization efforts of the software developed inside The Tor Project -- the organization behind the most widely deployed anonymity network. We will look at upcoming features and changes to the core technology that drives the Tor network and why a Browser may no longer be the only product we have to provide for the user-base that is so crucial in need of Tor's anonymity properties for safe internet access.

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