Klaas van Gend

Mechanical engineer by education, software engineer and architect by continuous development-on-the-job, Klaas van Gend found a new challenge in designing a laser harp.
After graduating in 1998 at the Eindhoven University of Technology, he worked as control engineer and software engineer at various companies. After 2000 he specialized in embedded Linux and traveled the world talking about real time, memory constraints, performance issues, multi core and software bugs.
In 2016 he returned to Sioux Technologies as a software architect, running two teams to develop complex mechatronics software for customers in the Eindhoven area.
Klaas lives in Best with his four guinea pigs Bram, Tom, Freek and Fiepie.
He’s also very frequently at his girlfriend Andrea, where he met Pascal.

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Building a cheap laser harp for percussionists
Klaas van Gend, Pascal Ahout

A laser harp is a magic musical instrument that makes sounds from light beams.
Ever since Jean-Michel Jarre used a laser harp in his live concerts to play Rendez Vous 2, many people have dreamt to play one. But they are ridiculously expensive!
Klaas van Gend will discuss his ongoing journey with Pascal Ahout to design a cheap and simple laser harp suitable for a local percussionist group. A revolutionary simple laser harp, using only an Arduino board, and no moving parts.
Hopefully, at the time this talk happens, the design is ready to be demoed, so we’ll end with a live demo or a video recording showcasing our working laser harp.

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