Peter Bosch

I'm a hacker based in the The Hague area, currently working as a security researcher for a large chip manufacturer. In the past I have hacked PC microcode, firmware security and written emulators for security coprocessor firmware.

I may have a slight hoarding issue as far as lab and test equipment goes, and I've never been stopped by common ideas about feasibility! Getting a SEM? Reversing an unknown instruction set and unknown encryption through looking at mask ROM? I've tried and succeeded.

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Electron microscopes - How we learned to stop worrying and love cheap lab equipment.
Peter Bosch, Peter Cywinski

A tale of sketchy^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hawesome online shopping, grimy scrap bins, and crazy DIY projects:
The adventures of a few friends who set up an electron-microscopy lab (and much more!) without breaking the bank. For all audiences: whether you just want to see some cool micrographs, hear a story of hacker adventure, or, want to set up your own SEM - this should be a good time.

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