Bettina Neuhaus

IT Project Manager and Certified Professional for Medical Software, veteran of WTH, HAR, OHM, SHA and the CCC camps.

Professional motto: "This is not Nam, Dude. There are rules".

Talk to me, I'd like to connect to other people in Health & Life Sciences, project managers, women in IT and friendly human beings! I'm at the Hack The Health village on Lamarr, at lectures, at the bar or participating in stuff like lock picking, beer tasting, retro gaming or enjoying nature. Practically everything interesting and fun.

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Respirators, Runtime Errors, Regulations – A Journey into Medical Software Realization
Bettina Neuhaus

Medical devices come in all shapes and sizes, and a great deal of them contain – or consist of – software. If they are faulty, they can kill. We’ll talk about different types and classes of medical devices, the regulations that try to ensure their safety and what all of this means for medical software projects.

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