Daisy Hilbrands

Daisy is intrigued by words and passionate about communication, the way we relate with each other and the connections and cultures we create.
You will often find her reading, wondering around looking at art and buildings or enjoying food. Travels with a Van and a VanCat, when she is not in Berlin.
She comes from a world of science, with a background as a microbiologist, but now works as a transformative coach for individuals and organisations, read more at


Decoding the patterns of bad communication
Daisy Hilbrands

Let us have a discussion about what bad communication is and how to avoid it in the future - especially when you interact with others.
There are five common patterns we fall into, when we are communicating badly. This workshop will give you the tools to recognise these anti-patterns in yourself and others and furthermore the knowledge on how to change your communication for the better in the future. This will support you in getting your message understood.

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