Lennaert Oudshoorn

As a Security Analyst with Zerocopter, Lennaert is identifying and validating many different vulnerabilities and security issues on a daily basis. Also, as an accomplished hacker, he has found vulnerabilities on behalf of several large organizations including the Dutch government! In addition to his professional exploits, he also reports vulnerabilities "on the side" in his role as a volunteer with the Dutch Institute for Vulnerability Disclosure (DIVD). At DIVD, Lennaert has worked a number of notable cases, including some that made international headlines, such as the big July 2021 ransomware incident involving Kaseya.

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Scanning and reporting vulnerabilities for the whole IPv4 space. How the Dutch Institute for Vulnerability Disclosure scales up Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure
Chris van 't Hof, Astrid Oosenbrug, Frank Breedijk, Lennaert Oudshoorn

The Dutch Institute for Vulnerability Disclosure scans the internet for vulnerabilities and reports these to the people who can fix them. Our researchers will go into some of our recent cases, our board members will describe how we professionalise vulnerability disclosure and why we are allowed to somewhat break laws on computer crime and privacy.

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