Christopher Guess

Christopher is a journalist and technologist, currently leading the technology research and building at Duke University’s Reporters’ Lab, while being based out of Brooklyn, NY. His main focus is on automating fact checking, developing data standards for the same, and supporting the efforts of misinformation and disinformation journalists around the world.

Previously Christopher has worked on organized crime investigative reporting in Eastern Europe, consulted with global south central banks on anti-money laundering policies, founded start ups in New York City and has worked as a photojournalist in East Africa.

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Tech didn’t cause misinformation, and it won’t solve it (by itself)
Christopher Guess

There’s no quick fix for the misinformation, disinformation, and lies were seeing in the world these days, and its natural for hackers want to work on the problems with the skills at hand. I’m going to talk about why, for hackers, that’s not necessarily a good move to do solo. I’ll go over mistakes I’ve seen way too many technologists and academics make when approaching the subject, where misinformation really comes from, and where the audience can harness what they’re good at.

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Making sense of social media, freedom of speech, and fascists
Christopher Guess, James Tomasino, rysiek

Do we want social media platforms that provide neutral platform for pluralistic debate, or do we want social media platforms that protect their users from abuse and de-platform abusers? Can we have both? Is moderation censorship? Is Signal social media?

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