Sander Steffann

I'm an internet engineer in the broadest sense of the term. I started in 1995 with a small ISP in Apeldoorn (NL), and in those days you had to do everything yourself: from configuring the router (singular) to compiling the kernel and software for your webserver and email server.

I studied computer science at the University of Twente and have been a self-employed consultant since 2010, doing projects for enterprise and ISP customers. Since 2021 I have been working for 6connect, a company that makes enterprise DDI (DNS & DHCP & IPAM) software.

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Keep Ukraine Connected
Sander Steffann

In March 2022 the Global NOG Alliance (GNA) started the Keep Ukraine Connected task force to help network operators in Ukraine during and after the invasion. These are our experiences. A simple idea turned into an interesting logistics puzzle with a steep learning curve into customs rules.

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