Frank Verschoor

Frank Verschoor knows the key factors in data: the people, their mindset and how they handle data. Since 2009 he helps public organisations across The Netherlands to become more open ones. He does this by asking the difficult questions, not taking the status quo for granted and being creative in complex and bureaucratic environments.

Frank works for local and regional governments and is currently developing the ethical framework for location data together with Geonovum. Frank is a partner at open data company The Green Land, which focuses on the transparent and responsible use


Ethics does not belong on the wall! Ethical framework for the use of location data
Frank Verschoor, Emily Daemen

The use of data is accelerating, not only owing to increasing technical possibilities like AI and earth observation, but also as a result of crises such as COVID-19 and climate change which accelerate the deployment of data and technology. This is happening on a small and local scale, as well as on a large and global one. Precisely because these data are potentially personal, and its use is becoming commonplace, it is urgent to internalize shared principles for the responsible use of data to achieve greater common value, better data and better products. These are preferably intrinsic principles that guarantee the safety and privacy of people, our social values and human dignity. In this talk we discuss an ethical framework for the use of location data. Together with the crowd we will investigate several dilemma's in which location data play an important role. How far can you go? Which values are more important? These are the kind of questions we will present and discuss.

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