Anne Jan Brouwer

Started programming age 6 on the C64, coding professionally since 2001.
Created the SHA2017 with the awesome and helping out hacker events since at-least 2006.
Now señor lead backend developer RoHS at the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport.

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What have you done against covid (a personal retrospective)
Anne Jan Brouwer, Lord BugBlue

From complaining out loud about a televised government app-a-thon to being hired by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport as lead developer RoHS running a team of devs to work on all the covid backend infrastructure exception routes and making sure no person is left in digital limbo in just under an hour.

MCH2022 Curated content
Abacus 🧮
Badge talk
Anne Jan Brouwer, BADGE.TEAM, Reinier van der Leer, Renze Nicolai, RobotMan2412

A high bar set by earlier creations, a pandemic, a postponed event and chip shortages made for a great challenge and a wild adventure creating the MCH2022 badge. This talk explains how we pulled off our most advanced creation yet. We will tell you about the process of converting a vague idea into a piece of electronics, including the prototyping process and the difficulties we encountered.

MCH2022 Curated content
Abacus 🧮
TIC-80 byte jam
Anne Jan Brouwer, Dave Borghuis, Superogue, Blossom, Lynn, io

TIC-80 fantasy console Byte Jam is a friendly competition to livecode a demo in a relaxed atmosphere. This can take an hour or more depending on the inspiration and time needed of the participants. You could follow the suggested random chosen topic or do your own thing.

MCH2022 Curated content
Battery 🔋