Running a Minecraft server for your kids
2022-07-24, 11:30–12:00, Family Zone 👪

If you have young kids, you might not want them playing Minecraft on public servers with strangers. This talk describes my experience in running my own Minecraft server for my kids and their friends, using different clients (Minecraft Bedrock on tablet and Minecraft Java on desktop) and how to give every player a "safe space" where others cannot blow up the creations you've spend days on creating them. The target audience of this talk is not the kids playing, but the parents that try to run the Minecraft server.

How hard can it be to run a Minecraft server? Turns out it is a lot like hacking in the 90's where you find obscure tutorials at forums that tell you to install random software and push random buttons. This talk presents my lessons learned from running a Minecraft server for my kids and their friends. We'll deal with different software for running a Minecraft server, the hardware selection, how to deal with bedrock clients, how to implement proper backups, how to ensure that creations are not destroyed, how to allow kids to easily switch between survival and creative mode without making them operators.

Haakjes doesn't want his small children to play on public Minecraft servers and decided to run his own server. Turns out to me harder than expected.