Digital Civil Disobedience Workshop
2022-07-25, 11:00–12:30, DNA 🧬

This workshop is the hands-on version of the talk we will give on Saturday. We will shorty look at the research we are doing at Greenpeace on digital disobedience actions. Also we will introduce the 4 different action tactics we work with at Greenpeace, Direct Action, Mass Protest, Direct Communication and Photo Opportunity and use these as a basis to come up with digital actions.

The workshop and working in your group consists of two parts:
Part1: Brainstorm. Try to translate your action tactic to the digital domain.
Part2: pick the best action you designed and check if it is actually doable/feasible.
Final: present it to the whole group

We have identified two potential targets that Greenpeace is working on.... Who will that be? ;)

Greenpeace is a direct action organization. We have been doing direct civil disobedient actions for 50 years now. At Greenpeace we know our strength and our weaknesses when doing actions in physical spaces. We scale buildings and hang banners, we have blocked the petrol harbour in Rotterdam (multiple times) and we stop oil/gas rigs from operating. All these kinds of actions are part of a struggle for a healthy climate and safe planet to live on and so ideologically motivated.

The right to protest is a fundamental European right, a right that is very dear to us and important when chased by the law. At Greenpeace we always look at new ways to do disobedient actions. This is why we started a research on how online actions can contribute to campaigns. The last few months we have been looking into the possibilities of digital civil disobedience actions. We looked at the risks, the actions and the possibilities it will bring. One thing we learned is that everyone we talk to about this topic is super excited.

Working at Greenpeace as an safety coordinator and in the lead to research the possibilities for digital civil disobedient actions. I have mostly worked on offline direct actions and we are now looking into new tools for actions. -------------------------

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