Popsicle Bridge Building Competition
2022-07-23, 12:00–13:30, Gear ⚙️

Need a break from your Keyboard? Join this competition to build a bridge out of popsicles and hot glue. Every team will get a fixed set of popsicles, a hot glue gun and glue sticks. You will have 1 hour to build your bridge, after that the real competition starts. Each bridge will be tested till destruction to decide the who will win.

Hugely populair at US Universities and High School, build a strong-as-possible bridge out of popsicles and hot glue. The rules of building will be explained at the beginning.

Each team will get a fixed amount of popsicles. We recommend a team consists of 2 to 5 people.

There will be a price for strongest and most pretty bridge.

Max 10 teams per workshop. If you are alone and want to participate, we will for teams on the spot.

For more information and to enroll your team go to:

Amateur software and hardware hacker. Like to design and make things using both old-school methods and modern methods. I am a happy owner/user of a 3D Printers, Laser cutter and CNC machine. One of my first big projects van creating and programming a 100 Raspberry PI 3D Scanner. Some of my projects can be found on

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