Sensor.Community - Global Open Environmental Data Platform
2022-07-26, 11:00–11:50, Clairvoyance 🔮

Sensor.Community - Global platform for Open Environmental Data

We invite you to become part of Sensor.Community. The worldwide largest Air Quality sensor network run by contributors generating Open Data. Build a sensor, collect Open Data, share it in a continuous stream with the global network and join forces in local Sensor.Community groups.

Sensor.Community is the global platform for environmental open data.

We provide the software and assembly guide for the DIY sensor kits for citizen empowerment.

Mission Statement:
Sensor.Community is a contributors driven global sensor network that creates Open Environmental Data.

Our mission is to inspire and enrich people’s lives by offering a platform for the collective curiosity in nature that is genuine, joyful and positive.

Sensor.Community started 2015 in Stuttgart / South Germany as a local project. The goal then was the deployment of 300 low cost Air-Quality sensors in Stuttgart. These devices should be easy to build for everyone. Until now the platform has grown to more than 14.000 sensors in over 70 countries (January 2022).

These sensors are measuring environmental data as Air-Quality, temperature, pressure and relative humidity. You can see the live values on the live map at Maps.Sensor.Community. Everything ever measured is available as Open Environmental Data. You can download all historical Open Data.

To participate you can join a local group which you can discover on the community layer of the map where live values are displayed. ->

We invite you to become part of the community. Build a sensor, generate Open Data, share it in a continuous stream with the network and join forces in local Sensor.Community groups to analyse it. Find like-minded people which care about the environment and the implications on our health. Stay informed and exchange with your neighbours.

Once the sensor tube is connected to the network its measured values are available live on the map at Sensor.Community. These values are refreshed every 2 ½ minutes and enable all citizens to see how the situation is around them.

The available historical Open Data of all ever measured values enable other projects to serve citizens with other specific services and functionality.

Sensor.Community is here to serve citizens on a global layer with environmental Open Data. Our focus is to add further sensor methods, collaborate with institutions as on data standards and better integrations in their daily work. One great example here is the integration of the Open Data from Sensor.Community into the Data-portal of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment in the Netherlands at

Lukas Mocek - International Community & Partnership Development

Contact point for Sensor.Community contributors, institutions and local groups around the world. We connect and establish collective activities.
Sensor.Community is proving what is possible on a global scale with the focus on privacy the use of Open Source and the integration of Open Data.