Successfully building and programming sound field control systems
2022-07-25, 22:00–22:50, Abacus 🧮

We will walk through the basics of sound field control systems and what you would need to build your own Wave Field Synthesis and Beamforming enabled system. We will unveil some of the challenges we faced at HOLOPLOT and what solutions power our tech stack.

Most of us are very familiar with multiple ways of manipulating or creating audio content; filters, effects, synthesizers, etc., and most certainly don’t think about where the audio content is going to be reproduced. What if I told you your creativity could go further, and you can also control how sound is being reproduced?
In this talk, we will learn about sound field generation and control systems, their benefits, and everything you need to build your own Wave Field Synthesis and Beamforming system. Additionally, we will unveil some of the implementation and infrastructure challenges we faced and solved at HOLOPLOT and then let you hear what a HOLOPLOT Matrix Array can actually do.

With a background in telecommunication Engineering and passionate for sound control, I started my professional career 10 years ago at HOLOPLOT building the first two-dimensional Wave Field Synthesis Array. Currently responsible for technology development in the R&D department.