The MCH2022 Design
2022-07-26, 14:20–14:50, Abacus 🧮

The MCH2022 design speaks for itself, but we would still nerd about it for a while. It is beautiful, colorful, generative, and has some physics ideas behind it. Some of it is obvious, but if you want to know all the hidden depths, this is the talk to visit.

The triangulair MCH2022 design is a colourfull generative kaleidoscope with some hidden depths. In that way it reflects the hacker community. It is in some ways a spiritual successor to the SHA2017 design, but it has its own look and feel. You can find it all around the field, on prints and stickers, on the website and on the event shirts.

Do you want to know the nitty gritty details of the optical physics, the generative basis and symmetric math ideas behind it? Some of it is obvious, but we would like to talk about it, and go deeper in on the concepts.

As a physicist with a passion for purple, I love to talk about designs all day! But I might run around all over the field during MCH2022.