Scripted CAD in the web browser for 3D Printer users
2022-07-25, 13:00–14:00, Hardware Hacking Area 🤖

This workshop introduces how use OpenSCAD, a scripted CAD program language, web IDE and compiler. The workshop with focus mainly of generating objects that can be 3D printed. This is aimed at people with little to no programming experience and will introduce programing concepts like: variables, loops, functions and debugging.

OpenSCAD can be used to produce CAD objects by describing them in it's simple programming language.
This workshop will be using a simplified version of OpenSCAD that can run in a web browser.
Topic covered are:
The OpenSCAD web interface.

Basic shapes
Cube Sphere Cylinder Everything else

Modifying and moving shapes
Translate Rotate Scale Mirror

Combining shapes or cutting holes.
Union Difference Hull Intersection

Math and program logic
Variables For loops Functions + - x ÷

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