How to charge your car the open source way with EVerest
2022-07-23, 22:40–23:10, Abacus 🧮

We will give you a short overview over the current electric vehicle charging technology and why it sucks. Let's try to fix it with the open source software stack EVerest! We will explain the technology and architecture behind it and will invite you to join our efforts forward to a green sustainable transportation infrastructure.

Building a standard for EV charging infrastructure failed so far for multiple reasons: "Innovations" are implemented on a timescale of years to decades, and the standard is typically “designed by committee”. Every new player in the game has to reimplement the standard and it's done typically “very lean”, which is furthermore delaying and bugging the situation.
Our solution is to establish a open-source based SW stack for charging systems, which all companies, manufacturers and private persons can use and make it the common de-facto standard. By opening the software for all, anyone can help improve it.
We have already made some progress on our SW stack called EVerest and we would like to welcome you all in helping to transform the EV charging world. EVerest is part of the Linux Foundation Energy, a community lead by the green energy transition.

1999-2015: Young scientists competitions, Activists @ STEM student club

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I love to play with electronics, microcontroller firmware and non-GUI Linux software. I have a physics background, built a drone startup and after a short trip to big Corp world I'm happy to enjoy hacking with our own small team again to push mobility to a greener future.