Building decentralized applications with IPFS
2022-07-23, 18:45–20:15, Envelope ✉️

The Interplanetary Filesystem is an API and network for locating and fetching content-addressed data. This workshop will provide an interactive space to build applications using content addressed data, and provide guidance on potential decentralized answers to some common types of communication patterns.

Do you want to build a website or service without needing centrally hosted or managed infrastructure?

This workshop will guide you through first creating and hosting a static website stored in the Interplanetary Filesystem, and then explore the possibilities for active communication patterns that can be realized in a decentralized fashion. We hope to shed some light into what's possible today, what's actively being worked on, and where help is needed.

Content addressed data is able to address a large range of needs today, and offers valuable integrity and ownership guarantees when compared with the traditional client-server model. While IPFS has made large strides in usability, there remain many places where the mental model is different from a client-server model. This workshop will provide grounding in how IPFS functions and can be employed to build a decentralized service.

My work centers on how to make a more resilient web. To that end, I've worked on projects ranging from internet-wide measurement to privacy-protecting messaging systems. My current work is building decentralized systems (like IPFS) to support community resilience.

I've been a ski instructor, rode the transsiberian railroad to CCC, speak some chinese, and enjoy playing with fire. I taught computer science in pyongyang.