Hacker Jeopardy!
2022-07-25, 20:00–22:00, Envelope ✉️

Hacker Jeopardy! The classic TV game, but with hacker subjects this time. May Contain a lot of trivia answers, such as Certificate Authorities incidents, government hacking groups, Windows system32 executables and possibly a lot more. Please join us!

This game is team based, with the audience as a fallback team when any of the registered teams don't know the answer (the question in Jeopardy! lingo).

Jeopardy works as follows: you get some answer and you ask the question. As an example, when given: "sethc.exe", you have to say: "What is sticky keys?".

There will a paper form taped on the tent to submit your team.

Dutch hacker doing his internship at a certain sponsor of MCH2022 which has an arcade tent near the bar on the South Trunk.