The tooling ecosystem that adds joy to KiCad
2022-07-22, 22:40–23:30, Clairvoyance 🔮

A number of people have built wonderful and useful tools to make the life of KiCad users easier. cpresser and Kliment are here to give you a tour of a number of the most useful addons, and show you what they're good for and how they can improve your life.

We will go through a number of tools that people have built into the KiCad ecosystem - you may have used some of them, but a surprising number of KiCad users aren't aware they exist. We're here to fix that. We'll show you how to make your boards have fancy labels, how to get an interactive assembly guide for your designs, how to easily pack a bunch of boards in a production panel, how to automatically generate footprints, how to make your PCBs fit the real world, how to not repeat your effort when making lots of the same circuit, and how to not make terrible mistakes and lose your work. It will be a wild tour, but you'll have much more fun with your PCB design work afterwards.

Kliment is a hardware hacker that builds electronics for fun and profit, and teaches others to do so also.

His objective at hacker events is to take away people's fear of building things and demonstrate that advanced techniques are not hard, just clever.

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just a generic (hardware) hacker. I am involved in the KiCad project and will present some related content.

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