M̶a̶y̶ Will Contain Climate Change
2022-07-22, 21:40–22:30, Clairvoyance 🔮

A multi-disciplinary lecture and follow up discussion about sustainability from the hacker perspective. It will combine the state of the art scientific knowledge and evidence with observations on the cultural dynamics of the hacker community. It is the continuation of the series started at OHM 2013, SH2017, Balccon 2019 and Bornhack 2019

Climate change, habitat and biodiversity loss, environmental pollution and other consequences of the current globalized society are here to stay and will get worse in the near future. In this talk, we will explore the known, expected and possible technical, environmental, social, economic and political changes that we will be facing in the next decades. This talk will approach the problem from the hacker / maker perspective. What can and will the impacts be on technology, privacy, communication, openness, communities and most important of all, Aliexpress shipments? What can we, as the hacker community, do to prepare ourselves and the communities around us to be robust and resilient to those changes? What can we do to reverse the course of these changes? Do not expect a prepper talk (okay, just a tiny bit), but rather a discussion based on empirical observations and scientific insights from a wide variety of academic disciplines. After the lecture a informal discussion session will be organized.

Igor is a hacker, maker, hobby blacksmith, wannabe artist, dad and associate professor at the TU Delft. He has been involved with the hacker community for more than a decade on the edge of traditional crafts and high tech. In his science, he explores the interaction of behavior, collaboration and the evolution of large-scale societal systems, such as infrastructures and industrial networks using complex adaptive systems theory, agent based modelling and participatory methods..

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