Coderdojo Robotics @ MCH2022
2022-07-25, 13:30–16:30, Gear ⚙️

This workshop is for girls and boys age 7-18.
Programming is not difficult! Here we learn from each other and the coaches how to program by doing it ourselves.
We bring a range of robotics: Makeblock Mbot, Mbot2, Ultimate, Grove, Ozobot, Makey Makey, Microbit with Maqueen.
There is only one rule: Above all: be cool!

This workshop is for girls and boys age 7-18 (experience with Scratch will give you a headstart, others will get a quick Scratch Intro).
If you are younger than 12, you are best accompanied by a parent.
Parents can stick around for the sparkling atmosphere and to help volunteering.

We have two (self) guided tracks:
- Code the game rock-paper-sissors with artifical recognition and play against the computer: buzz.
- Code a robot: rex to drive around indepedently.
Besides these tracks there is time to build your super nice project!

We bring different robotics:
- Makeblock Mbot
- Makeblock Mbot 2
- Makeblock Ultimate
- Grove
- Ozobot
- Makey Makey
- Microbit
- Microbit with Maqueen

It is a must if parents join half an hour before the end to attend the show and tell.

We will foresee latops with needed software.
You could bring your own laptop, but will need to install the needed software

I am an enthusiastic Coderdojo Coach with a passion for engineering.
Getting children animated for engineering brings me joy.
I like to make sparkling things with microcontrollers and blinking lights.

I have a HAM license ON8EN and a goal is to get on the air.

Hybrid Cloud Services Architect @ Johnson & Johnson - jenkins - ci/cd - terraform - aws - azure - gcp - CoderDojo (lead @Westerlo - coach @Geel) - linux - arduino - IoT - hamradio (on4tux) - home assistant - mqtt - esp - micropython - makeblock - raspberry