The Potato Algorithm
2022-07-25, 14:30–15:00, Emergent Earth

“An analog algorithm powered by biobased renewable energy”. Analog machine learning and edge computing seem a solution for a more sustainable internet. Join the research of analog computer technology and edge computing for machine learning solutions with massive impact. Get rid of large volumes of data-to-cloud transportation and storage. Lower transportation and storage cost radically and enhance privacy while doing that. Explore the potential use cases in agriculture and energy monitoring with us.

Informal presentation and discussing on analog, edge and hybrid systems for machine learning purposes.

POC: basic algorithm on Arduino
POC: algorithm on analog computer
POC: Potato powered device
POC: Algorithm on arduino on potato powered device
MVP: algorithm on potato powered device

Born at the Reassemble Lab by Fiber Festival in Amsterdam. Check the video "Future Computers Will Be Radically Different" by Veritasium for a brief explanation of the concept:

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