Badge workshop
2022-07-23, 16:05–17:35, DNA 🧬

Not sure if this will happen, that fully depends on the availability of volunteers to give this workshop.

Might also become a FGPA workshop by Lattice.

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The Badge workshop will thrive in glorious chaos! We're hoping to create
an atmosphere where aspiring Badgers can help each other out working
through some of the example projects and tutorials. And more experienced
Badgers are present to help if things catch fire.

Please try to find a little bit of time to prepare for the workshop and
help out the people around you who didn't get a chance to prepare.

  • Bring a USB-C Cable to connect to your Badge

  • Have a look at the [Software Development
    of the documentation site and work through one of the "Getting Started"

  • Gather some ideas of what you would like to do: write some Python
    scripts, learn to write a native app or learn how to work with the

  • If at all possible, please install the tools necessary to work with
    the Badge:

  • for Python, all you need is a serial terminal, e.g. PuTTY on Windows
    on a unixy OS you probably already have screeen installed

  • for the native app, follow the instructions in the "Installing
    Prerequisites" and "Download & Build the template app" sections of
    the ESP-IDF Getting Started

  • If you are interested in FPGA development, follow these

Bringing you awesome badges since 2017. This continuously changing group of volunteers presented you the SHA2017 badge, HackerHotel 2019 badge, CampZone 2019 and 2020 badges and now the MCH2022 badge.

Find out more about us and our creations on our website:

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I am an Electrical Engineering student, but studying was never my strong suit. I like to build things, take up projects and make things happen. That's also how I landed in the organization of SHA2017, and in the badge team for MCH2022 as project lead.

Projects of my own include the Metertrekker (a device to extract information from modern Dutch electricity meters), a cheap DIY induction loop amplifier to accommodate (on a budget) people with hearing aids,, and various other web-based projects, some of which are proprietary.

I'm very interested in efficiency and sustainability in general, and in effective and engaging education. You can follow me on Twitter to see some of the random things I stumble across or think about in life. :)

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Hardware hacker, software engineer, hackerspace boardmember of the awesome TkkrLab hackerspace in Enschede. I work for Locamation, which develops control and protection systems for the electricity grid. The past years I've spend most of my off time on developing the MCH2022 badge, together with all of the amazing people of BADGE.TEAM.

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