Infrastructure review
2022-07-26, 15:00–15:50, Abacus 🧮

The traditional talk by most or all operational teams about the infrastructure built for MCH2022. While the site has some infrastructure in place, a lot of it has to be built for this event. On the other hand there's also teams that just make things go away.

MCH2022 can not be organised without a lot of temporary infrastructure. Join the operational teams and discover the new, the unexpected or the surprising technologies that were necessary to make MCH2022 a success. Expect graphs, pictures of bodges, perhaps a few hacks but definitely a lot of hard work behind the scenes. Think fiber, LEDs, DatenKlos, trusses, waste bags, Terabytes, angels, vouchers, simultaneous viewers, amps, volts, golf carts etc. Please smile (or laugh) at our bad jokes, we're all running on fumes and in desperate need of a proper sleep.


Co-team-lead Productiehuis, arranging all the audio-visual equipment in the big tents. May also have a hand in the stages and trusses. The team also makes sure talks are recorded for posterity and streamed to the world via Don't mention LED walls, that's a-moire!

Living in ccc comunity for years now, in the power and radio team at OHM, SHA, MCH, Congress, Camp, GPN, mostly build up and tier down at all days. The Key making department is on duty on most events. Doing a lot of talks in electronic and mechanical locks, caravan and other open source projects.