Repair for Future
2022-07-23, 17:00–17:50, Clairvoyance 🔮

This discussion will start with a brief summary on the history of repair initiatives. We can report about our personal repair activities during the pandemic. Subsequently, I'll outline the achievements of the right to repair movement and we can discuss ideas for the future.

During a peak in public interest, the repair café movement was caught by the covid pandemic.
Many local initiatives adapted quickly and opened online repair consultation hours. In the german-speaking countries, a monthly central online repair café was established. I'll give a lessons-learned about the experiences and limits of these online activities.
The political right to repair movement has brought many interesting improvements, for example the french repairability index or the European ecodesign directive. I'll talk about them and what else is to be expected in the near future.
This is in interactive discussion format, so ideally I'll only present a few facts and guide through topics while the audience chimes in with their personal experiences and questions.


Andreas aka "Fraxinas" in the FOSS world, graduated from the University of Applied Sciences in Aschaffenburg with a degree in electrical engineering and information technology. Specialized in Embedded Linux, GStreamer Multimedia Programming and Streaming. Regular speaker at Conferences across the world. Founder of Repair Cafés and regular TV appearance as the "Repairfox" in Germany's ARD Buffet. Passionately tinkering in the Schaffenburg Hacker/Makerspace. LGBT Youth activist, furry, musician, mountain biker and Japanese learner.