Rick van Rein

Rick is the architect behind the open source project, and one of its developers. The project draws on years of his experience analysing open protocols and their authentication and privacy. The project has now matured to a stage where IETF draft standards are stable-ish and their implementations demonstrate that they work.

The overall goal of the project is to facilitate domain owners with maximum control over their online presence (and that of their users) and the most dire need for that seems to be an ability to authenticate as a user of the domain.

Rick has studied elektrotechnical engineering for 4 years, electronics for 3 years (both at a practical level) and after a year of mixed education completed an academic degree in computer science. He then worked as a teacher for a full year, and returned to the university for promotional work.

After acquiring a PhD, Rick founded, aimed at security and privacy, mostly in networking systems, and always aiming at strong cryptography with the easiest user experience. Five years later, Rick also founded, which aims to research/develop technology for sustainable purposes. Perfect technology solves many problems in one stroke, so these two approaches are combined where possible.

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Bring Your Own IDentity
Rick van Rein, Henri Manson

Thanks to DNSSEC and DANE, it is possible to automatically verify identities by checking with servers. The real problem however, is integration with existing protocols, instead of inventing something completely new and perhaps web-only. The purpose of our work on Realm Crossover mechanisms has been to design generic solutions that extend many different application protocols, without changing their protocol specs.

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Hacking with Microbes
Rick van Rein

Microbes are everywhere. They are part of nature, both around us and inside of us. When you provide their desired niche, you can make them do something for you, in a mutually beneficial arrangement. This talk will take you into their realm, and show a few practical examples and hacking opportunities.

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