Hacking the Quincy Drawing Robot (and possible win one!)
2022-07-23, 18:40–19:10, Abacus 🧮

This session will go over my journey to hack the Quincy drawing robot. This is a cheap 3-axis drawing robot, that uses a proprietary "closed" system. I wanted to hack this robot to draw Pokémon's for my son. I will explain how I deciphered the file formats, figured out how the robot could be controlled (which needed some very very difficult math!) and the software I made to create your own drawings.

BONUS: At the end of the session you can WIN one of these Quincy Robots!!!

This session will explain step by step the process I took to decode the proprietary file formats, using some simple python coding. This will give you an insight in general how you can try to decode file formats that are not documented.

Besides understanding the files, the math behind controlling this robot turned out to be very complicated. I will explain the difficulty and if you are a Math Nerd you can see if you could solve this difficult challenge.

Finally I will show the software I made to create your own drawing files.

Amateur software and hardware hacker. Like to design and make things using both old-school methods and modern methods. I am a happy owner/user of a 3D Printers, Laser cutter and CNC machine. One of my first big projects van creating and programming a 100 Raspberry PI 3D Scanner. Some of my projects can be found on

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