Hactivism and Mental Health - CyberWell
2022-07-22, 20:40–22:10, Gear ⚙️

A workshop format interactive lecture to tackle subjects of mental health and h/activism. A conversation about on/offline identity, isolation, burnout, depression, and social anxieties while trying to connect to those around us to fulfill the desire of "belonging".

Dear all,

My name is Sonia and I am writing with a proposal for a “lecture” regarding mental health in activism called “CyberWell”.

A little about me: allegedly was at some corners of irc, did “mail to jail” project which focused on sending postcards, mail, and books to imprisoned hacktivists. Did work with refugee women as well as work-related to women's rights on/offline and Laury Love case Naomi Colvin.

Currently, I work as a psychotherapist. My work is focused on social media's influence on the “creation of opinion” related to various topics such as self-worth, politics, activism, and isolation (to name a few). The struggle to keep afloat while suffering burnout and identity crisis. How we perceive interactions inside our algorithmically generated bubbles and struggle to find the right tool to bypass those on the right-wing “Trump” train while seeking authenticity.

After many years of alleged activism, I myself went through a massive 2-year depression, the road out of which was quite a turmoil. I have seen similar situations happen to my dearest friends many of whom left IT altogether or disassociated completely with their online personas and communities. Some we just sadly lost along the way… Perhaps you reading this, can relate.

I feel that this area of Hacktivism is not spoken about often and wish to share my story, observations, and some tools for those who might relate to the subject matter. It could be a lecture or a workshop depending on the availability of space and time that could be allocated.

It would be grand if it could be a “lecture” the second part of which could be a discussion, which is a format I did at CCC on a similar subject matter but more oriented toward “politics”.

I appreciate your time and effort to create this event and keep us all connected.

With gratitude,

Hey all, my name is Sonia. I work as a psychotherapist with a background in all things internet while having boots on the ground. Currently, my work focus is on the connection between H/Activism, Cyber, and Mental Health = CyberWell. Activist burnout, social anxieties, isolation, and depression seem to be a field lacking more open discussions which with your help we can fix.