How would a real life social media be like?
2022-07-24, 14:00–15:30, Family Zone 👪

Yes, we have been using social media to connect for a long time now, but 2020 made us dependent on them more than ever. It's time we have an open dialogue. Burst our individual filter bubbles and communicate what our individual experience of social media feels like. In this session, we will come together, interact, go through a bunch of skillfully crafted activities and draw conclusions on what's the real state of our virtual lives? Which humane components are lacking? What extra aspects have been added? How is it affecting our bonding, privacy, individuality, organization, and dialogue?

This session aims to identify and learn about several unrealistic aspects that have entered our lives knowingly/unknowingly through prominent social media.
The session will be split into multiple modules and worksheets which will enable us to dive into discussions like what brings us to social media, what our interaction feels like, what economic principles govern the design of social media, what are the challenges and socio-cultural complexities that have been introduced in present day social media.
We will do a quick mix and match of popular opinions about social media amongst the group and perform thoughtful analysis of how we engage with these platforms by mapping the tech into real-life space-time. Thereby identifying the gaps and ineffectual features of social media focusing on how social media affects our bonding, individuality, organisation and dialogue.

Channeling in our creative spirits, we'd attempt to redesign the interface that can connect people across the globe in a more human manner.

Prerequisite: Attendees need to have at least one active social media account (LinkedIn/Twitter/Facebook/Instagram etc) and bring along their mobile phones with internet connectivity :)

Aditi Bhatnagar is an Independent Security Researcher who focuses on Android security, cloud, web apps, and wireless network attacks. She is currently working as a Product Security Engineer at Atlassian and has previously worked as a Core Engineer building features for end point security products at Microsoft.
Through her initiative, Infinite Hacks, she is spreading cyber awareness. She has conducted training and initiated discussions on cybersecurity, digital rights, and techno-sociology. She’s an avid blogger and publishes posts on cybersecurity, ethical hacking, and several aspects of the evolving relationship between humans and technology on her website:

She can be found passively hanging around on Twitter/LinkedIn @4ditiBhatnagar

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