No Permissions Needed!
2022-07-26, 14:00โ€“14:30, Battery ๐Ÿ”‹

Data keeps flowing! In Android, we have the concept of permissions, users feel confident that only if they turn on the permission, their data is shared. But what about an app silently sitting on your device with no permission whatsoever! What can that app know about you?

In this talk, I'll talk about the Privacy Posture of Android!
What kind of data is being collected, and how is it channelled and used? How does advertising work on mobile?
Can your device be fingerprinted? What kind of privacy threats exists on Android?
We will learn about the permission model of Android and how permissions operate at the kernel level!
This shall be followed by a demo of an Android app, which needs no permission from the user. We will see what all information can be retrieved from your device, without any permission!

Aditi Bhatnagar is an Independent Security Researcher who focuses on Android security, cloud, web apps, and wireless network attacks. She is currently working as a Product Security Engineer at Atlassian and has previously worked as a Core Engineer building features for end point security products at Microsoft.
Through her initiative, Infinite Hacks, she is spreading cyber awareness. She has conducted training and initiated discussions on cybersecurity, digital rights, and techno-sociology. Sheโ€™s an avid blogger and publishes posts on cybersecurity, ethical hacking, and several aspects of the evolving relationship between humans and technology on her website:

She can be found passively hanging around on Twitter/LinkedIn @4ditiBhatnagar

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