Aditi Bhatnagar

Aditi Bhatnagar is an Independent Security Researcher who focuses on Android security, cloud, web apps, and wireless network attacks. She is currently working as a Product Security Engineer at Atlassian and has previously worked as a Core Engineer building features for end point security products at Microsoft.
Through her initiative, Infinite Hacks, she is spreading cyber awareness. She has conducted training and initiated discussions on cybersecurity, digital rights, and techno-sociology. She’s an avid blogger and publishes posts on cybersecurity, ethical hacking, and several aspects of the evolving relationship between humans and technology on her website:

She can be found passively hanging around on Twitter/LinkedIn @4ditiBhatnagar

  • How would a real life social media be like?
  • No Permissions Needed!
Adrian Lara Moreno

With a background in telecommunication Engineering and passionate for sound control, I started my professional career 10 years ago at HOLOPLOT building the first two-dimensional Wave Field Synthesis Array. Currently responsible for technology development in the R&D department.

  • Successfully building and programming sound field control systems

Aiganysh Aidarbekova is a researcher and trainer of Bellingcat. She has conducted open source investigations ranging from corruption in Central Asia to conspiracies in Europe. Aiganysh is also part of Bellingcat's TechTeam project which specializes in data driven investigations and tool development. She has also trained hundreds of journalists and activists from London to Bishkek to Sydney.

  • Intro to OSINT and Geolocation
  • Geolocation. Method and Practice
Alexander Færøy

Alexander is a computer programmer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. During the day, he leads The Tor Project's Network Team -- the team responsible for building the software that runs the Tor network and the client to access the network. He enjoys traveling, reading, and planning the BornHack hacker camp in Denmark. Alexander has, over the years, contributed to numerous free and open-source software projects such as Linux distributions, the IRC ecosystem, and the Erlang ecosystem.

  • Modernizing the Tor Ecosystem for the Future

I am certified herbalist since 5 years and work as instructor for rehabilitation sports as well. Furthermore i am health practitioner.

  • hack your brain
Anne Jan Brouwer

Started programming age 6 on the C64, coding professionally since 2001.
Created the SHA2017 with the awesome and helping out hacker events since at-least 2006.
Now señor lead backend developer RoHS at the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport.

Picture by Dennis]

  • TIC-80 byte jam
  • Badge talk
  • What have you done against covid (a personal retrospective)
Area 42 Workshops

Workshops organized by the Area42 team.

Out village is located behind the main music stage, the workshop tents are located on Backbone Boulevard between Liskov and Flow fields.

  • Radio Amateurism via commercial satelite
  • Train positioning for lego fans and engineers
  • How I turned the badge into a drone
  • TF Works! - Learn Terraform (and a bit of AWS)
  • Building a stream-based NLP (Natural Language Processing) app to monitor vulnerabilities realtime
Armand Sol

Digital innovator specialized in (semi-)public organizations. Builds brdges between privacy, security, architecture and procurement.

  • The Potato Algorithm
Arne Padmos

Arne's travels in the field of information security have crossed areas ranging from usable security to side-channel analysis. He has also taught the various branches that make up security engineering. Currently, Arne's main interest is how the application of risk management and threat modelling can lead to the design, development, and deployment of more secure systems.

  • Threat modelling for hackers: a hands-on workshop

Starting as a child programming QBasic then Visual Basic I've always had an interest in computers. This turned into an obsession with all the weird and wonderful ways that tech can break - and the internals of software and hardware. With a career as a code monkey for a bank this interest in security has so far been very useful.

  • GPS ankle monitor hacking: How I got stalked by people from the Arab Emirates
Aseem Shrey

Security Engineer at Rippling, a fast growing US Startup. I teach CyberSecurity @HackingSimplified and blog about some of my security findings on my website, . Acknowledged for securing the government of India’s Digilocker, various MNC’s like Sony, IBM, GM and many Indian companies and startups. All India 1st in Nullcon CTF 2018 . Interested in web app exploitation especially logical bugs and reverse engineering. CTF player with NULLKrypt3rs

  • Censoring the internet & how to bypass it
Astrid Oosenbrug

Astrid Oosenbrug started as sysadmin 20+ years ago, but has mostly been politically active since, as Member of Parliament (2012-2017), Public Affairs officer and in numerous NGO's. She was critical of the invasion of privacy by new investigative legislation and has championed the introduction of Responsible Disclosure Policy within the Dutch government, she is co-founder and chair of (Dutch Institute for Vulnerability Disclosure) and co-founder, where she is foster parent to many young hackers.

  • Scanning and reporting vulnerabilities for the whole IPv4 space. How the Dutch Institute for Vulnerability Disclosure scales up Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure
Auke van Slooten

Auke van Slooten (Poef on github), founder of, started working on the web in 1994 where he co-founded the Student Network Twente, on the University of Twente, managing the first high speed (10Mbps) campus network.

Since then he has authored numerous open source web applications and libraries. These days he focuses on building on and for the decentralized web.

  • HSNL: Data custodian, Identity and governement - Conduction
  • HSNL: Aries Framework JavaScript: A Swiss-Army Knife for Modern Self-Sovereign Identity Development - Karim Stekelenburg - Animo
  • HSNL: IPFS - Will Scott -Protocol Labs
  • HSNL: Linked Data and Common Ground - Conduction
  • HSNL: Immutable Linked Data - Auke van Slooten - Muze
  • HSNL: Linked Data at Kadaster - Anjo Kolk, Wouter Beek - Kadaster
  • HSNL: Fighting Linkrot in Solid Data - Auke van Slooten - PDS Interop
  • HSNL: Solid in Vlaanderen - Dorien Bauwens - Digitaal Vlaanderen
  • HSNL: Solid, toegepast
  • HSNL: Solid: Vlaanderen, Nederland, Europa: Esther de Loof (inrupt)
  • HSNL: Funding 101: NLnet and NGI
  • HSNL: Funding 101: NLnet and NGI
  • HSNL: Funding 101: NLnet and NGI
  • HSNL: Linked Data and Smuggling People - Anne Ogborn - Trans Rescue
Ayke van Laethem

I have been working on TinyGo for the last few years. Before that, I worked on the MicroPython Python interpreter and worked on the IRMA project.

As a child, I have long been interested in electronics. At some point I started to learn programming Python (around the age of 12 or 13) and I have been programming ever since. Around six years ago I learned about the Arduino environment, where my previous interest in electronics was revived with a new power: programmable microcontrollers. I didn't like C much so I started looking into alternatives and found MicroPython. But that wasn't exactly what I was looking for either so I did the naive thing and started the TinyGo project with the goal of making the Go language available for microcontrollers.

  • Programming microcontrollers in Go using TinyGo

Bringing you awesome badges since 2017. This continuously changing group of volunteers presented you the SHA2017 badge, HackerHotel 2019 badge, CampZone 2019 and 2020 badges and now the MCH2022 badge.

Find out more about us and our creations on our website:

  • Badge workshop
  • Badge talk
Bart van den Akker

Used to be a Linux guru with speciality on VoIP, but decided to start a computer museum in 2016 and doing that now. I can talk for hours about any of these subjects, but that happens when you are a museum director. However, I call myself a 'computer historian' and know of every computer or pieces of hardware in the HomeComputerMuseum the history of the manufacturer, the history of the particular type AND in most cases the story about the previous owner.

  • HomeComputerMuseum, the making, the challenges and the importance.
bert hubert

Bert is the founder of PowerDNS, software that powers a significant fraction of the Internet. Bert spent 18 months doing DNA research at TU Delft, leading to a publication in a major science journal. These days, he focuses on open standards, decentralized communications, internet measurements & research (mostly DNA and GNSS).

  • How do GPS/Galileo really work & how the monitors all navigation satellites
  • Hacking the genome: how does it work, and should we?
Bettina Neuhaus

IT Project Manager and Certified Professional for Medical Software, veteran of WTH, HAR, OHM, SHA and the CCC camps.

Professional motto: "This is not Nam, Dude. There are rules".

Talk to me, I'd like to connect to other people in Health & Life Sciences, project managers, women in IT and friendly human beings! I'm at the Hack The Health village on Lamarr, at lectures, at the bar or participating in stuff like lock picking, beer tasting, retro gaming or enjoying nature. Practically everything interesting and fun.

  • Respirators, Runtime Errors, Regulations – A Journey into Medical Software Realization

Hardware tinkerer, Commodore fan, SecOps, socially capable IT engineer and for this purpose a QuizMaster extraordinaire: incomparable.

My mind is full of useless facts, but also useful ones. Hosted the Ohm 2013 and SHA 2017 pubquizzes for village:Area42 so you know what to expect!

  • PubQuizzzzzzz

Co-team-lead Productiehuis, arranging all the audio-visual equipment in the big tents. May also have a hand in the stages and trusses. The team also makes sure talks are recorded for posterity and streamed to the world via Don't mention LED walls, that's a-moire!

  • Infrastructure review
Bjarni Rúnar Einarsson

Bjarni Rúnar Einarsson is an Icelandic hacker who has been working on software development and systems administration since the mid-90s. He cares deeply about Open Source, digital autonomy and user privacy.

Bjarni created and runs PageKite (, and was one of the founding members and lead developer of Mailpile ( He still works on both projects as much as he can.

Bjarni tweets things at .

  • Using Passcrow to recover from lost passwords
  • Building public, dynamic webapps using Micropython on the ESP32

Björn works as a self-employed all-round creative software developer. He has a background in Interaction Design. Björn supports organizations with strategic technical advice and practical implementations. In doing so he strives towards affordable, privacy-friendly, safe, accessible, people-friendly, sovereign and sustainable solutions. More?
Björn is a Linux enthusiast. Advocate for free open source software, open standards, open content, (digital) civil liberties, privacy, fairer copyright and human innovation. Design aficionado and curious. He likes to tinker with physical stuff & bits. Is security interested and critical of technology's impact on our society. He worries about the Climate Crisis. Björn is a cat person. He is a hackercamps visitor since 1997. He's a MacGyver & A-team fan. If you're still reading this, I'm impressed! It's weird, isn't? Reading texts like this one, of people tooting their own horn in third-person. Ah well, let's go on and see how much more stuff I can cram into this text-area. In 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic, he set up together with Bèr Kessels. An online privacy-friendly, free-to-access video calling platform based on the open source software Jitsi to keep in touch with friends and family. As a hobby he likes to create weird sounds & combine this with old Public Domain footage. Did you know Björn is quite a decent cook? He loves to make vegetarian wraps with veggies, and according to his wife, too much beans. He looks forward to be giving a workshop with his kids. Björn is interested in way too many things. Sorry, this is just too much! Are you still here? Perhaps you've read enough about me. Now, go away! Ride a bicycle into nature or read a book :)

  • Create your own dough monster with lights for eyes!
  • Create your own dough monster with lights for eyes!
  • TIC-80 byte jam
Brenno de Winter

Brenno de Winter, 1971, is a Dutch hacker and community member, former journalist, harbour master, cat owner (and lover). He first programmed at the age of five or six and the initiator of the Kwetsbaarheden Analyse Tool (KAT) - the project.

  • OpenKAT: Looking at security with cat eyes
  • Hacking COVID: Hackers helping the government
  • Digital Civil Disobedience Workshop
Chantal Stekelenburg

Chantal Stekelenburg is Head of Researchers at Zerocopter. She takes care of one of the most important aspects of Zerocopter's services: the community of researchers. Her focus lies on supporting and coaching the current researcher community as well as nurturing the growth of the researcher community as the customer base grows. As a co-founder and organizer of WICCA (Women in Cybersecurity Community Association), she is also involved in bringing infosec ladies and (female) security enthusiasts together to learn about exploits, hacking, incident response, forensics, the low-level stuff, hardware hacking, and especially making bad crypto jokes! Her main goal is to build a community of badass women in the Netherlands and hopefully inspire future generations to join keyboards and get the hacking started! As if that is not enough she also volunteers at the Dutch Police to help fight cybercrime and is in the supervisory board of the Dutch Institute for Vulnerability Disclosure.

  • It's not just stalkerware
Chris van 't Hof

Chris van ’t Hof is the Director of the Dutch Institute for Vulnerability Disclosure a hacker collective that helps to clean up the internet for free. DIVD scans the internet for vulnerabilities and report these to the ones that can fix it. Chris is also an independent researcher, writer and presenter in information technology. With his background in both electrical engineering and sociology, he analyses the interaction between human and electronic networks. His eight book: “Helpful Hackers. How the Dutch do Responsible Disclosure.” During MCH, Chris is Team Lead Music, arranging the bands. See for the program Stage Music.

  • Scanning and reporting vulnerabilities for the whole IPv4 space. How the Dutch Institute for Vulnerability Disclosure scales up Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure
  • Jam session: Music Created by Hackers
  • Jam session: Music Created by Hackers
  • Jam session: Music Created by Hackers
  • Jam session: Music Created by Hackers
Christel Sanders

As a physicist with a passion for purple, I love to talk about designs all day! But I might run around all over the field during MCH2022.

  • The MCH2022 Design
Christian Schaffner

I studied mathematics at ETH Zurich (Switzerland) in 2003 and obtained a PhD degree in computer science from Aarhus University (Denmark) in 2007. After being a postdoctoral scholar at CWI Amsterdam and faculty member at the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation (ILLC) at the University of Amsterdam, I now am full professor in Theoretical Computer Science and group leader of the Theory of Computer Science (TCS) group at the Informatics Institute at University of Amsterdam. I’m an active member of the TCS community in Amsterdam, and senior researcher at QuSoft, the Dutch research center for quantum software.

I carry out research in quantum cryptography, both on non-quantum cryptography that remains secure against quantum attackers (also known as post-quantum cryptography) and on the design of protocols that solve cryptographic problems involving quantum data and quantum communication.

Since 2014, I am teaching a yearly master course on Shannon Information Theory at University of Amsterdam.

  • Nuggets of Shannon Information Theory
Christopher Guess

Christopher is a journalist and technologist, currently leading the technology research and building at Duke University’s Reporters’ Lab, while being based out of Brooklyn, NY. His main focus is on automating fact checking, developing data standards for the same, and supporting the efforts of misinformation and disinformation journalists around the world.

Previously Christopher has worked on organized crime investigative reporting in Eastern Europe, consulted with global south central banks on anti-money laundering policies, founded start ups in New York City and has worked as a photojournalist in East Africa.

  • Making sense of social media, freedom of speech, and fascists
  • Tech didn’t cause misinformation, and it won’t solve it (by itself)

Visual and conceptual artist from Rotterdam, the Netherlands worried about the future.

  • Today is July 24th 2072 and life is fantastic

Im Colin, a Hacker from Cologne (C4). When I spend some time at Astralship a hackerspace/hackbase in Wales we founded the Crimsonwave project (Jane, Em and me). We got a 15K grand from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation I gave workshops at GPN and EMF and now also comming to MCH!

  • DIY menstrualcup

Works on privacy, cryptography and open source identity (in that order), currently for the Dutch Ministry of Health. See Github or HN profile for more info.

  • Make a minigame or fractal with Scratch (also available when back home)
  • Make a minigame or fractal with Scratch (also available when back home)
Cornelius Claussen

I love to play with electronics, microcontroller firmware and non-GUI Linux software. I have a physics background, built a drone startup and after a short trip to big Corp world I'm happy to enjoy hacking with our own small team again to push mobility to a greener future.

  • How to charge your car the open source way with EVerest

just a generic (hardware) hacker. I am involved in the KiCad project and will present some related content.

  • Design a circuit board with KiCad
  • Design a circuit board with KiCad
  • The tooling ecosystem that adds joy to KiCad
CrazyA (Ad)


  • Introduction to MQTT, Node-RED & Tasmota
Daan Keuper

Daan Keuper is the head of security research at Computest. This division is responsible for advanced security research on commonly used systems and environments.

Daan participated three times in the internationally known Pwn2Own competition by demonstrating zero-day attacks against the iPhone, Zoom and multiple ICS applications. In addition Daan did research on internet connected cars, in which several vulnerabilities were found in cars from the Volkswagen Group.

  • macOS local security: escaping the sandbox and bypassing TCC
  • Hacking the pandemic's most popular software: Zoom
  • ICS stands for Insecure Control Systems
Daisy Hilbrands

Daisy is intrigued by words and passionate about communication, the way we relate with each other and the connections and cultures we create.
You will often find her reading, wondering around looking at art and buildings or enjoying food. Travels with a Van and a VanCat, when she is not in Berlin.
She comes from a world of science, with a background as a microbiologist, but now works as a transformative coach for individuals and organisations, read more at

  • Decoding the patterns of bad communication
Daniel Kapellmann Zafra

Daniel Kapellmann is the Technical Analysis Manager for Mandiant Threat Intelligence cyber-physical team, which works to understand and provide context on malicious activity seeking to impact physical infrastructure. Coming from a multidisciplinary background, he is especially interested in bringing new questions and creating solutions to defend industrial control systems and operational technologies. He has presented his work in a variety of international conferences. Outside from his work, he is a world traveler who loves learning languages, dancing and singing.

  • Honey, let's hack the kitchen: attacks on critical and not-so-critical cyber physical systems
  • First Privacy, Now Safety: An Anthology of Tales from the Front Lines of Cyber Physical Security
Daniel Ostkamp

Daniel was born in Germany in 1986, but moved to the Netherlands in 2006 to study there, and afterwards working at different IT-consulting companies.
In 2016 he decided to do a master study in Software Engineering at the Open Universiteit in the Netherlands. His master thesis is about "IRMA and Verifiable Credentials".
In April 2021 Daniel started working for the Radboud University in Nijmegen as PhD candidate / scientific programmer.

  • IRMA and Verifiable Credentials
Dave Borghuis

Founder of hackerspace TkkrLab that I started in 2010 and still active in. Created , a ‘live’ map with all active hackerspaces / fablabs / makerspaces. Privacy activist that got municipality Enschede fined, volunteer for site

  • TIC-80 byte jam
  • How I made the municipality pay a 600.000 euro fine for invading your privacy

Server Ninja with 15+ years industry experience specialising in Unix and Linux cloud-based environments. IT Consultant and automation expert with business analyst know-how to optimise processes.

  • illumos SmartOS, specialized Type 1 Hypervisor

Allan Cecil (dwangoAC) is a security consultant with Bishop Fox by day and is a published author, patent holder, and accomplished public speaker. He is on staff as senior ambassador of, a website devoted to using emulators to complete video games as quickly as the hardware allows. As keeper of TASBot he is a Twitch partner at and a YouTube partner at supported by a vibrant https://Discord.TAS.Bot community. He participates in Games Done Quick and other charity speedrunning marathons, using TASBot to entertain viewers with unique glitches in games that have helped raise more than $1M for various charities.

  • TASBot OoT ACE: How to get the Triforce on an N64 via controller input

Working at Digitale Gesellschaft lobbying and campaigning for digital rights.

Also I'm a member of the crasehed spacestation / hackerspace c-base in Berlin.

When I get sick of the internet I play with puppets - built a marionette-theatre from old moca-pots and rehearsing a sci-fi play about algorithmic capitalism and punkrock.

  • Reclaiming our faces
Eleanor Saitta

Eleanor Saitta is a hacker, designer, artist, writer, and barbarian. She makes a living and a vocation of understanding how complex transdisciplinary systems and stories fail and redesigning them to fail better. Saitta leads Systems Structure Ltd. (, a boutique security architecture and strategy consultancy that works with firms seeking to build or grow security practices or specific high-exposure products, advises news organizations and NGOs targeted by nation states, and researches and builds immersive transmedia participation events. She lives at and runs The Attic (, a private performance venue for queer art, culture, fashion, and politics in Helsinki, Finland. She works or has worked on the Briar/Bramble distributed messaging system and the Trike security ecosystem modeling tool and methodology.

Saitta is a regular speaker at conferences, universities, and other institutions including the O'Reilly Velocity, KiwiCon, the CCC Congress, Hack in The Box, Transmediale, ToorCon, Knutepunk, HOPE, Arse Electronika, Harvard, Yale, and the London ICA. Her writing, painting and talks can be found at, and she's on Twitter as @Dymaxion.

  • Freedom, Ownership, Infrastructure, and Hope
Elger "Stitch" Jonker

Stitch is co-organizer for the MCH2022 hacker camp. Has also helped set up SHA2017 and does all kinds of things, for example helped build the design generator, work on the permit and spend office days organizing all kinds of stuff. In the past Stitch helped set up hackerspaces Hack42 and Awesome Space in the Netherlands.

  • ⚠️ May Contain Hackers 2022 Closing
  • ⚠️ May Contain Hackers 2022 Opening
  • Multiple DJ's on one stage: pushing the next generation of audio systems to the limits
Elwin Oost

In ancient times one of the editors of Hack-Tic and cosysop of Utopia. Now protecting medical data as a white hat, professionally and as a volunteer (CTI league). Initiator of Dutch national voting transparency reference database

I'm one of the organizers of Scientist Rebellion NL, a growing group of scientists turned climate activists, currently active in 27 countries.

  • Scientist Rebellion
Emile Aben

musician/hacker/data scientist.

This biography thing wants 250 characters so I'm going to add a lot of 'aaaaaa's now. Here we go. Almost. And. Now. For Real:

  • Internet measurements with RIPE NCC tools
Emily Daemen
  • Ethics does not belong on the wall! Ethical framework for the use of location data
Erik Heskes

Security Consultant with a technical background. Handled security topics like: SIEM/SOC, Purple teaming, pentesting and compliance. Mostly within financial institutions. Next to my dayjob as a consultant I am also a musician and I like to ride my motorcycle from time to time. Certifications: Splunk admin certified, CEH, CISSP, FCNSP, VCP, CCNP, MCSE

  • Don't turn your back on Ransomware!
Eward Driehuis

Eward Driehuis is chairman for He has worked in cyber, IT and tech for over 25 years, starting out in software engineering, moving from IT, IT projects, IT management and managing a MSP business, to cyber security.

From the “dawn of the internet” in the 90’s Eward combats online risks. He’s worked in cyber security companies such as Fox-IT, SecureLink (Orange Cyberdefense) and most recently at Cybersprint, an attack surface management startup.

Eward has done a lot of international work for customers in 4 continents, with roles as Chief Research Officer, Chief Technology Officer, SVP of strategy and Director of product.

Eward has a tech heart, a design mindset, and a business drive. He often takes the stage to talk about his adventures, and is a frequent commentator in the media.

  • Introducing if you love the internet, we need your help
Family Zone Speakers

On behalf of Team Family fhp, haakjes and sim welcome all parents (and kids that are still awake) to the field. Let make camp awesome for all.

  • Meet The Parents
  • Microbit workshop
  • Raketles
Feross Aboukhadijeh

Feross is the author and maintainer of WebTorrent, StandardJS, and 100s of other open source projects. His software is downloaded 500+ million times per month. He was a lecturer at Stanford where he created the course CS 253 Web Security. More recently, Feross is the founder and CEO of Socket, where he's working on a new approach to supply chain security by auditing every package on npm to detect suspicious changes and block supply chain attacks without slowing the development process.

  • How to Secure the Software Supply Chain
Fleur van Leusden

I'm currently CISO for The Dutch Institute for Vulnerability Disclosure and for the Dutch Authority for Consumers and Markets (Dutch government).

I'm very passionate about CISO-ship and like to share my knowledge and experience in a way that is funny, but has a serious message as well.

  • A CISO approach to pentesting; why so many reports are never used
Frank Breedijk

Frank is a many of many hats, luckly they are all some shade of white.

His day job is being a CISO for Schuberg Philis an IT Services company that caters for business and sociaty critical systems.
Besides that he is an early and active member of the DIVD, and currently the CSIRT and crisis manager.
He is also the secretary of the Dutch Security Information Clearing house (Het Nederlands Seurity meldpunt)

In his psare time (if any) he is a dad, has a farm, dogs, chickens, fish and horses and occasionally folds balloons.

  • Scanning and reporting vulnerabilities for the whole IPv4 space. How the Dutch Institute for Vulnerability Disclosure scales up Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure
  • IOT: International Outage Technology (Disclosure of DIVD-2022-00009)
  • Balloon folding for adults
  • Balloon folding for kids
  • Balloon folding for kids
Frank Verschoor

Frank Verschoor knows the key factors in data: the people, their mindset and how they handle data. Since 2009 he helps public organisations across The Netherlands to become more open ones. He does this by asking the difficult questions, not taking the status quo for granted and being creative in complex and bureaucratic environments.

Frank works for local and regional governments and is currently developing the ethical framework for location data together with Geonovum. Frank is a partner at open data company The Green Land, which focuses on the transparent and responsible use

  • Ethics does not belong on the wall! Ethical framework for the use of location data
Frans Faase

I studied computer science at the University of Twente on the topics of compiler development. I graduated cum laude with a master degree. I worked some years in academics and with various companies, mostly developing software in C++. Besides having an interest in the subject of developing parsers, I have also done some reverse engineering (of binary and textual formats), helped with the development with some international standard and developed several scripting language one of which is still in use in a commercial available tool for Enterprise Architecture. Besides this, I also have an interest in combinatorics and puzzles. See further and

  • A practical approach to parsing
Franz Bettag

I have been developing paid software projects since 2003. Everything from C, Perl, Python, PHP, Ruby, Go, Scala, Objective-C, Erlang, all the way to Elixir, and many more.

In the past decade i have consulted for everyone from small business up to fortune 500 companies and learned a great deal about various languages, frameworks and designs.

  • Building modern and robust Web-Applications in 2021, without writing any JavaScript

Andreas aka "Fraxinas" in the FOSS world, graduated from the University of Applied Sciences in Aschaffenburg with a degree in electrical engineering and information technology. Specialized in Embedded Linux, GStreamer Multimedia Programming and Streaming. Regular speaker at Conferences across the world. Founder of Repair Cafés and regular TV appearance as the "Repairfox" in Germany's ARD Buffet. Passionately tinkering in the Schaffenburg Hacker/Makerspace. LGBT Youth activist, furry, musician, mountain biker and Japanese learner.

  • Repair for Future

p r o f e s s i o n a l

Supporter of Open Source

Always aiming at practical results,
but sometimes the result must not only be sturdy but also look nice

Loyal, heart for the cause, insipring, flexible

Information comes in two kinds: either you know it or you know where to find it 

Sense of security (physical and digital)

l e i s u r e   &   h o b b y


(Mountain) hiking



Honorary member NLUUG (The NLUUG unites professional users of Open Systems and Open Standards in the Netherlands) and former member of the Program Committee (organizing vEvents, virtual seminars, rather than conferences).

Board member of an Owners' Association

  • Surviving systemd

In my day job I work as a freelance network designer, mainly for large enterprises and telco's. I dedicate my spare time to restore sovereignty and freedom in the digital domain. I'm one of the initiators of 'The Coalition for Fair Digital Education’ (in Dutch: CEDO2022) – (this collation in not related to any political party). See

I am also coordinator of the Pirate party of Delft that works together with student-party STIP - the largest coalition party in Delft. Our goal is to make sure that Delft switches to open source and privacy-by-design solutions and publishes all non-private data as open data. See

  • Free children from the digital stranglehold

Walter Belgers is a hacker, having worked in IT security for all his life, the majority as a penetration tester and currently as a security officer at Philips. He has written a book on competitive lockpicking and he has been soldering since the 1970s but never before has he built a complete computer. He also likes to drift in a car and collect old computers.

  • Gigatron - creating a hobby kit
  • Decoding the Anker 3800 lock

I have attended hacker camps since HAL2001 and can be found working in CERT or running the hardware hacking tent.
For a living I migrate legacy banking systems to the cloud or develop IoT.
For fun I kayak, make dice and run D&D games.

  • Scripted CAD in the web browser for 3D Printer users
H. O. Klompenmaker

Data archaeologist in combination with Reverse Engineering.
Finds data that nobody else can find.
Creator off order out off Chaos.

Got involve in finding data before the cool guys took off with it, not knowing that there was something like OSINT as an in a job.
Spend his life the last two years mostly only offline looking for adventures in hardware hacking.

  • Collect all the data (more than you ever need)

Haakjes doesn't want his small children to play on public Minecraft servers and decided to run his own server. Turns out to me harder than expected.

  • Running a Minecraft server for your kids
helma de boer

Almost four years ago, August 2018, the Dutch Cybersecurity expert Arjen Kamphuis disappeared while being on holiday in Norway. His disappearance is still veiled in mysteries. His kayak was found in a fjord near Bodø, but some days later his cellphone connected to a network deep in the south of Norway. Someone with his opsec and a his healthy distrust of governments and other authorities would have secured his mobile devices, so this ping must have been Kamphuis himself. Or so it was believed..

  • public showing of the 4 part series "ze weten alles van je"
Hendrik Rood

Hendrik Rood (1965) has worked in telecoms and Internet technology since 1990, after completing his Applied Physics degree with lab works in semi-conductor technology at submicron and nanometer scale.
He designed and helped built his first Internet Protocol network in 1992-1993 and took part in major hacker-events since 1993
He is a consultant with Stratix since 1995 as well as the secretary of the Workgroup Internet Transparency of ISOC Netherlands, which focuses at educating courts, legislators and policy makers about the technology impacts of their policy-proposals with internet tech.

  • RE-VoLTE: Should we stop the shutdown of 2G/3G to save lives??
Henri Manson

I have been programming since high school in the seventies when computers were still very small and expensive. Since internet and version control systems I have been contributing to open source projects which I am interested in.
I have been involved in ARPA2 for serveral years no.

  • Bring Your Own IDentity
Hugh Wells

Site Reliability Engineer, payments nerd and hackathoner

Doing SRE at WORTH Internet Systems, previously public sector digital things at London Borough of Hackney and the JAC. Ex-Mastercard Dispute Resolution at Monzo and RHUL alum.

Serial hackathon & event organiser (RoyalHackaway, HackTheMidlands, UKGovcamp), flies light aircraft and messes around with servers.

  • Hacking UK train tickets for fun, but not for profit
Igor Nikolic

Igor is a hacker, maker, hobby blacksmith, wannabe artist, dad and associate professor at the TU Delft. He has been involved with the hacker community for more than a decade on the edge of traditional crafts and high tech. In his science, he explores the interaction of behavior, collaboration and the evolution of large-scale societal systems, such as infrastructures and industrial networks using complex adaptive systems theory, agent based modelling and participatory methods..

  • M̶a̶y̶ Will Contain Climate Change
  • Climate Crisis: The gravity of the situation. What is going on?

To be found on 😉

Profile Picture by Dennis van Zuijlekom is licensed under CC BY SA 2.0

  • Heuristic Park (why we can fake it until we make it)
  • TIC-80 byte jam
Isabel Straw

Isabel specialises in the intersection of Artificial Intelligence (AI), clinical medicine and healthcare inequalities. She works part-time as an emergency doctor in addition to pursuing her PhD which focuses on supervised and unsupervised machine learning methods for bias mitigation in medical algorithms. She has experience in international settings both in her clinical work, and in policy settings at the United Nations. Clinically, she has worked in humanitarian and conflict areas in adult and paediatric emergency medicine. In international policy settings she has focused on the ethics of neurotechnology, artificial intelligence, reproductive technology and the impact of climate change on human civilisation. Her interests include AI and neurotechnology, healthcare disparities, global health, and gender-based violence. She has published work that highlights bias in medical algorithms, the role of AI in psychiatry, and the impact of technology on healthcare inequalities and gender-based abuse.

  • Can’t get you out of my head: Telemetric hacking of medical deep brain stimulators
  • “You give me fever, fever all through the night": Hack attacks against wireless medical devices and the virtual patient
Ismani Nieuweboer
  • XR Regenerative culture Workshop

Jacky is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Reykjavik University in Iceland. Formerly an X.25 global network troubleshooter, and then an HFT developer, she now teaches Computer Networks and Computer Security, and makes a hobby of really annoying economists.

  • All you never wanted to know about the Banking System and why it keeps crashing Economics.
James Tomasino

James has worked in web technologies since the early 2000s. He has experience across industries including pharmaceuticals, government, oil, and consumer advertising and in that time has been a developer, designer, user experience architect, dev-ops engineer, data analyst, experience design innovator, digital strategist, and more. For several years he managed teams at multiple offices across multiple cities in the eastern United States as the technology director. Today he freelances as a web developer and digital strategist. James was also a nuclear electronics technician in the US Navy and spent time as a Jesuit while exploring a religious vocation.

James is a Gopher evangelist and operates a public-access *nix system called Cosmic Voyage. It is an open community for amateur writers to share in a semi-collaborative science fiction universe while exploring command line skills. He is one of the operators of the Tildeverse, a collective of like-minded "tilde" servers in the style of Paul Ford's tilde club. You can find him all over the web and in IRC.

  • Making sense of social media, freedom of speech, and fascists
  • Rocking the Web Bloat: Modern Gopher, Gemini and the Small Internet
Jan Tiri

Hybrid Cloud Services Architect @ Johnson & Johnson - jenkins - ci/cd - terraform - aws - azure - gcp - CoderDojo (lead @Westerlo - coach @Geel) - linux - arduino - IoT - hamradio (on4tux) - home assistant - mqtt - esp - micropython - makeblock - raspberry

  • Coderdojo Robotics @ MCH2022

Jan-Willem (@jwrm22) is Embedded Security Analyst and Trainer at Riscure, and Secretary of The Open Organization Of Lockpickers (Toool NL). With his projects, he brings the lockpicking community to a higher level. He has new takes on old ideas, specializes in niche security subjects, and shares his knowledge with the community.

  • Threat modeling mechanical locking systems, by analyzing puzzles?
  • What if locks could talk; what stories would they tell?

Cybersecurity and media are my passions. You will find me doing in-depth technical stuff like CTFs and security tests but also creating media - like podcasts, video's and events. You can check out my projects below - but even better: talk to me at MCH!

Challenge The Cyber ( - Events and competitions for young cyber talent. The highlight is the selection of the Dutch team to compete at the European Cyber Security Challenge against the other European countries.

Wat de Hack?! Podcast ( - A Dutch cybersecurity podcast in which we interview various people in the cyberspace in an easy-going manner to find out what they do and that their dilemmas are.

My personal website:

  • Everything is an input device (fun with barcodes)
Jelena Cosic

Recently joined RIPE NCC as a Community Builder for SEE region. Based in Belgrade, Serbia. Member of Hacklab hackerspace ( Previously worked on supporting Internet Exchange Points around the globe.

Never been to a hacker camp, looking forward to an outdoor geek out!

  • Internet measurements with RIPE NCC tools
Jenny List

I'm an electronic engineer and technical journalist from the United Kingdom. I'm a member of Milton Keynes Makerspace, as well as Contributing Editor and European Correspondent for Hackaday. I've owned more knackered old cars in a lifetime than I should have, and a keen interest in building small electric vehicles has given me a fascination with their technology.

  • Electric Vehicles Are Going To Suck; Here's Why

Jeroen is a self-employed technical consultant with a background in electrical engineering. He started his consultancy business "CloudAware" located in The Hague in 2002. His consultancy business has been active in a wide spectrum of technologies ranging from signal intelligence to cloud services.
In the last couple of years CloudAware has developed a European telecoms provider providing VoIP services in every EU memberstate. These services include providing emergency services such as 112. Customer locations range from Portugal to Switzerland and Denmark.

  • Knock knock, who’s there? Is your door locked? Are you sure?
  • PSD2 a banking standard for scammers?
Jeroen Baten

I love to solve IT problems. I teach people techie stuff. I do this mostly with open source systems. To make stuff happen I write a lot of custom scripts in various programming lanuages like Perl, Python, Bash, C, Java, Ruby, etc. I have clients all over the world (Australia, Switserland, US, etc).

Occasionally I write a book, or an article for my blog.

LPI Essentials (Dutch)
Kickstart je bedrijf met Odoo 12 (Dutch)
Nerd in Nievre (Dutch)
LibrePlan, the missing manual (English, French)
Jumpstart your business with Odoo 12 (English)
  • Running a mainframe on your laptop for fun and profit
  • UBports: Imagine a phone that does everything you expect and nothing you don't.
  • UBports: Workshop Beginning Ubuntu Touch App development
Jilles Groenendijk

Jilles Groenendijk is a Hardware Hacker that works for Deloitte in The Netherlands.
He learned his way around by tearing apart devices ever since he was a little boy.
“I like to figure out how stuff works” is what drives him.
He has been teaching science and technology to children in elementary school.
He hosted lectures and workshop for the community aimed at both adults and children;
“Inspire the people and get them kickstarted”

His motto is: I VOID WARRANTIES FOR A LIVING (of which a coin was created previously)

Profile Picture by Dennis van Zuijlekom is licensed under CC BY SA 2.0

  • What to do when someone close to you takes their life and you are not Tech-Savvy
  • Hardware Hacking for absolute beginner + CTF
  • What to do when someone close to you takes their life and you are not Tech-Savvy
Joey Dreijer

Python hobbyist and Security Engineer @ Schuberg Philis. Mostly involved with all blue-team related things and data engineering :)

  • Building a stream-based NLP (Natural Language Processing) app to monitor vulnerabilities realtime

Working as red team manager at Visma, Joona is a hacker that has experience from multiple vantage points and aspects of information security, software development and brewing. As an open so(u)rcer he is an author or contributor to multiple popular security tools, most relevant in scope of the workshop being ffuf - fuzz faster u fool.

  • ffuf the web - automatable web attack techniques
Joram Agten

I am an enthusiastic Coderdojo Coach with a passion for engineering.
Getting children animated for engineering brings me joy.
I like to make sparkling things with microcontrollers and blinking lights.

I have a HAM license ON8EN and a goal is to get on the air.

  • Coderdojo Robotics @ MCH2022
Jos Visser LLM Msc

Jos Visser is both a lawyer (note: not an attorney, this is an important distinction) and a software engineer with more than 30 years of experience in a wide range of technologies. Currently Jos is working as a Sr. Principal Engineer (Senior here means "old", obviously) at Confluent Inc.

  • Automatically Suspicious - Predictive policing in the Netherlands
jos weyers

Almost four years ago, August 2018, the Dutch Cybersecurity expert Arjen Kamphuis disappeared while being on holiday in Norway. His disappearance is still veiled in mysteries. His kayak was found in a fjord near Bodø, but some days later his cellphone connected to a network deep in the south of Norway. Someone with his opsec and a his healthy distrust of governments and other authorities would have secured his mobile devices, so this ping must have been Kamphuis himself. Or so it was believed..

  • public showing of the 4 part series "ze weten alles van je"
Jurjen Galema

Jurjen Galema recently graduated from the Frank Mohr Institute in Groningen with an MA in Fine Art and Design and is a part-time drag queen. Growing up in a village in Friesland meant the art world once seemed remote. He aims to build a bridge through his soft sculptures by creating worlds populated by strange figures with intriguing stories. Gender, identity, kitsch, popular culture and obsessions are some of the themes he investigates and interprets in his own unique way.

  • Soft Sculpture Street Performance - Drag Queen
Jurre Groenendijk

Jurre Groenendijk is a 20 y/o Computer Science and Engineering student at the TU Delft, and also works as Junior Consultant at Deloitte.
He's a gaming enthusiast, primarily playing Old School Runescape, Minecraft and Hades, among others.

Profile Picture by Dennis van Zuijlekom is licensed under CC BY SA 2.0

  • What to do when someone close to you takes their life and you are not Tech-Savvy
  • Hardware Hacking for absolute beginner + CTF
  • What to do when someone close to you takes their life and you are not Tech-Savvy

kantorkel is rC3 certified teleshopping ultra from Hamburg. He likes Freifunk, runs Tor exit nodes and does stuff at Reclaim Your Face.

  • Reclaiming our faces
Karsten Nohl

Karsten is a cryptographer and security researcher. He likes to test security assumptions in proprietary systems and typically breaks them. Karsten is the Chief Scientist at SRLabs in Berlin where his professional work includes testing telcos for hacking issues.

  • OpenRAN – 5G hacking just got a lot more interesting
Khaled Nassar

A security engineer with a background in software engineering, infrastructure and pentesting. As is standard fare for a large part of the community, I've picked up a passion for computing as a teenager and have yet to let it go. Naturally, that means that a decent portion of my free time is spent on programming, hacking or participating in capture the flag tournaments. The latter of which I usually do with the Spotless CTF team (


  • A Smart Light Hacking Journey
Kirils Solovjovs

Kirils Solovjovs is an IT policy activist, bug bounty hunter, and the most visible white-hat hacker in Latvia having discovered and responsibly disclosed or reported multiple security vulnerabilities in information systems of both national and international significance. He has extensive experience in social engineering, penetration testing, network flow analysis, reverse engineering, and the legal dimension.

He has developed the jailbreak tool for Mikrotik RouterOS, as well as created e-Saeima, helping the Latvian Parliament become the first parliament in the world that is prepared for a fully remote legislative process.

  • The War in Ukraine: Cyberfront
  • Screaming into the void: All e-signatures in the world are broken!
Klaas van Gend

Mechanical engineer by education, software engineer and architect by continuous development-on-the-job, Klaas van Gend found a new challenge in designing a laser harp.
After graduating in 1998 at the Eindhoven University of Technology, he worked as control engineer and software engineer at various companies. After 2000 he specialized in embedded Linux and traveled the world talking about real time, memory constraints, performance issues, multi core and software bugs.
In 2016 he returned to Sioux Technologies as a software architect, running two teams to develop complex mechatronics software for customers in the Eindhoven area.
Klaas lives in Best with his four guinea pigs Bram, Tom, Freek and Fiepie.
He’s also very frequently at his girlfriend Andrea, where he met Pascal.

  • Building a cheap laser harp for percussionists

Klaudia Zotzmann-Koch is a German author and privacy activist living in Austria. She gives talks and workshops on media literacy and Internet privacy at conferences, schools and universities. She also writes books on different topics of modern media as well as crime novels and sci-fi.

  • Plotting the Pandemic... or Any Other Catastrophe-Movie
Klaus Agnoletti

Klaus Agnoletti has been an infosec professional since 2004. As a long time active member of the infosec community in Copenhagen, Denmark he co-founded BSides København in 2019.
Currently as a community manager in CrowdSec one of his current roles is to spread the word and inspire an engaging community.

  • Detecting Log4J on a global scale using collaborative security

Kliment is a hardware hacker that builds electronics for fun and profit, and teaches others to do so also.

His objective at hacker events is to take away people's fear of building things and demonstrate that advanced techniques are not hard, just clever.

  • Surface Mount Electronics Assembly for Terrified Beginners
  • Surface Mount Electronics Assembly for Terrified Beginners
  • Surface Mount Electronics Assembly for Terrified Beginners
  • Where did all the parts go - the 202x component availability trashfire
  • The tooling ecosystem that adds joy to KiCad
  • Surface Mount Electronics Assembly for Terrified Beginners
  • Surface Mount Electronics Assembly for Terrified Beginners

Knud does computer stuff and likes hunting for bugs in assorted systems. When not bughunting he has an impressive track record of getting hurt doing physical activities; he has managed to find vulnerabilities in his own system in activities as diverse as paintball, skydiving and snowboarding.

  • bug hunting for normal people
Lennaert Oudshoorn

As a Security Analyst with Zerocopter, Lennaert is identifying and validating many different vulnerabilities and security issues on a daily basis. Also, as an accomplished hacker, he has found vulnerabilities on behalf of several large organizations including the Dutch government! In addition to his professional exploits, he also reports vulnerabilities "on the side" in his role as a volunteer with the Dutch Institute for Vulnerability Disclosure (DIVD). At DIVD, Lennaert has worked a number of notable cases, including some that made international headlines, such as the big July 2021 ransomware incident involving Kaseya.

  • Scanning and reporting vulnerabilities for the whole IPv4 space. How the Dutch Institute for Vulnerability Disclosure scales up Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure

Hello! I'm Lexander, he/him.

I'm a 20 year old from the Netherlands, who's interested in computer science, art and activism, and here to represent my favorite project of the internet: FreeSewing.

  • FreeSewing: sewing patterns based on code

Providing IT-Wizardry in exchange for money for over 20 years. Boldly managing systems where angels fear to tread and configuring products without proper documentation. Easily distracted by everything shiny, blinky and new. Lover and collector of old computers, terminals and IT infrastructure.

  • From Zero to Root in 120 Minutes - Introduction to Wordpress Hacking
  • SSH Configuration, Intermediate Level

Livia Ribichini is an italian
mixed media artist and set
designer based in The Netherlands.
Her focus is on technology and
the interactions between digital
and physical spaces.
She is founder member of the
artistic duo Fulminate based on
light art and fffjpg based on
Her practise explores a variety of
media and technologies: from video
format or A/V performances to
interactive mixed media
installations. She exposed at
media art festivals, cultural
locations and academic institutes.

  • VR waiting while meditating
Lord BugBlue

Likes to troll, the governement while fighting for civil rights.

I'm equally hating all hardware and all software. There is no point in using computers these days anymore if you want some privacy. Together we made everything way too damn difficult

Not really sure if I'm on the level guru or incompetent on any subject. But that doesn't keep me from broadcasting my opinion.

Proud member of the best hackerspace: Hack42
[Picture by Dennis]

  • What have you done against covid (a personal retrospective)
  • Cryptography is easy, but no magic. Use it. Wisely.
  • Cryptography is easy, but no magic. Use it. Wisely.
Lotte Houwing - Bits of Freedom

Lotte Houwing works as a policy advisor at Bits of Freedom, the Dutch digital rights organisation. The focus of her work lies at government surveillance practices and policy, mainly regarding the Dutch secret services and biometric surveillance. She has a background in law and philosophy

  • Reclaiming our faces
Lukas Mocek

Lukas Mocek - International Community & Partnership Development

Contact point for Sensor.Community contributors, institutions and local groups around the world. We connect and establish collective activities.
Sensor.Community is proving what is possible on a global scale with the focus on privacy the use of Open Source and the integration of Open Data.

  • Sensor.Community - Global Open Environmental Data Platform
Luke Gotszling

Luke Gotszling is a hacker camp regular and a founder of a data insights startup who likes to dabble in AI and sometimes even math. He loves building and experimenting with technology that explores both meaningful and strange problems. You can regularly see Luke on a motorcycle or a kiteboard.

  • Non-Euclidean Doom: what happens to a game when pi is not 3.14159…
  • TIC-80 byte jam
Maja Reissner

Maja is a curious and ambitious human who enjoys working on complex systems and shows strong perseverance in understanding how things actually work. For the last 1.5 years she's been working as software developer on IRMA, focusing on the IRMA server.

  • IRMA's Idemix core: Understanding the crypto behind selective, unlinkable attribute disclosure
Marco Möller

1999-2015: Young scientists competitions, Activists @ STEM student club

2005-2010: Studied Physics + Computer Science at TU Darmstadt, Germany

2010-2015: PhD in theoretical Physics of complex systems

2009-2016: Founder and CEO of MAVinci - 3D Surveying Drone Startup

2016-2020: Head of Drone Flight Mgmt Software @ Intel

since 2019: Activist in For Future Movement

since 2020: Founding new tech Startups: VetVise, Pionix, Pionier-Manufaktur

  • How to charge your car the open source way with EVerest
Markus Kuppe

I have been a member of the TLA+ project for over a decade, and I have the privilege to contribute to TLA+ as part of my day job. Besides working on its tools, I've been running the workshop/class on multiple occasions. Before getting involved with TLA+, I thought formal methods wouldn't be useful in practice, but first-hand experience convinced me otherwise.

I tweet at @lemmster.

  • TLA+ in Action

Working at Greenpeace as an safety coordinator and in the lead to research the possibilities for digital civil disobedient actions. I have mostly worked on offline direct actions and we are now looking into new tools for actions. -------------------------

  • Digital Civil Disobedience Workshop
  • Digital Civil Disobedience

Automotive security by day, forensic investigator by night. Tor and applied privacy in between. Random babbling as @Fr333k.

Not sure what else to write, the 250 character limit is tough. I hope my person is the least interesting thing about my participation/presentation :)

  • A Brief History of Automotive Insecurities

Martin is curious about individual and organisational evolution. His interest is in the conscious choices and unconscious patterns of individual behaviour and how they influence the lives and the cultures and environments we create for us. Analyzing and mirroring patterns in order to weaken or break the bad ones and strengthening the ones you choose to keep.

  • Hacking group interaction protocols
Martin Herfurt

Martin is an independent security researcher focusing - but not exclusively - on various aspects of product security related to Bluetooth wireless technology. As one of the co-founders of the, Martin worked with the Bluetooth SIG, helping the technology and its adopters overcome early design and implementation issues. Martin holds a master's degree in telecommunications engineering from the University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg. During the last year, he spent his free time to investigate security issues with Tesla vehicles. As part of his fascination with rapid developments in IT technology, Martin has been a regular participant and speaker at the Chaos Communication Congress (CCC) and other international IT security conferences since 1997.

  • Project TEMPA - Demystifying Tesla's Bluetooth Passive Entry System
Matthijs Melissen

Matthijs Melissen has been working as a security specialist at Computest for 6 years. Prior to that, he has been working as a PHP developer, as well as as an academic researcher in IT security. He received a PhD from the University of Luxembourg based on his research in fair exchange protocols.

  • Single Sign-On: A Hacker's Perspective
Maurits Fennis

Maurits Fennis is an anarchist, hacker and reverse engineer. In 2020 he founded Unbinare, an e-waste reverse engineering laboratory which aims to reduce the increase of e-waste by finding ways to repurpose discarded electronic devices. For the past 10 years, Maurits has been a proponent of open science and FOSS software and hardware. Prior to founding Unbinare, Maurits has been an artist, composer, architectural designer, security consultant and hardware security researcher.

  • An Ontology Of Electronic Waste
Max Ammann

I’m Max and I’m a software engineer and aspiring security researcher. I enjoy writing open-source software. I regularly contribute to various open-source projects. I’m also a passionate photographer.

I work for a non-profit which builds free and open-source software for governments in Germany.

  • World in Vectors - Cross-platform Map Rendering using Rust
Michael Huebler (mh)

Michael has been analyzing, hacking and improving locks since the 1970's. He is an engineer and works in SW development in other technical fields, but still regularly participates in lock manipulation competitions, and helps lock manufacturers to improve their products. His current security research mainly focuses on electromechanical locks and wireless systems like Bluetooth LE.

  • Electronic Locks: Bumping and Other Mischief
Michael Turner

IT Consultant by day, competitive LaserTag player by night. Available on Twitter @trikkitt or website

Work is mostly in the Office 365, Identity management, migrations, transformations, email management etc. Hobbies include making electronics, reverse engineering things, 3D printing, keeping old lasertag systems going, and playing around with tech in general.

  • Build a PolyCoin crypto miner (Game, not real crypto)
  • PolyCoin - A game played across MCH - How it works and what is inside it
Miholyn Soon

Miholyn Soon is a Malaysian designer working on connecting principles of psychology and human needs and flourishing to frameworks of building technology. She has a social science and filmmaking background, and spent her life across Asia, Europe and the US. She is currently working on designing decentralised social technologies in Berlin.

  • How do we design trauma-informed financial systems?
Mikko Hypponen

Mikko Hypponen is an award-winning security researcher. He works as a researcher at F-Secure in Finland. Mikko has written on his research for the New York Times, Wired and Scientific American and lectured at the universities of Oxford, Stanford and Cambridge. He has also keynoted at DEF CON and at Black Hat Asia.

  • The Best Worst Thing

Dutch hacker doing his internship at a certain sponsor of MCH2022 which has an arcade tent near the bar on the South Trunk.

  • Hacker Jeopardy!

Hacker and horrible coder with a fondness for mechanical contraptions, weird systems and anything software with a pyhsical presence in the world. Loves finding unsual methods to attack physical objects. Breaks into boxes, systems and buildings. Likes to poke at locks occasionally. Has the patience to read manuals.

  • Everything is an input device (fun with barcodes)
Nancy Beers

Happy Game Changers
I finally found out what I want to be when I grow up! I'm here to spread playfulness and happiness to leave this world in a better state then I found it in.
As a Serious Play Expert I can act like a Jack-of-all-trades within organisations and use my wide range of tools to help people change for the better and preferably let them get/stay close to their hearts.
I speak at events, design serious games and bounce through live with a lot of energy and positivity.

  • Power of Play! How to relearn playfulness.
  • Power of Play! How to relearn playfulness.
Naomi Colvin

I'm the UK-Ireland Project Director at Blueprint for Free Speech, working on a range of freedom of expression issues. I'm particularly interested in how digital speech intersects with the criminal law and at the moment I spent a lot of time thinking about whistleblowing and SLAPPs. Based in London.

  • Taking Action against SLAPPs in Europe

I’m a nerd that does his best to make the world a better place. I'm currently working at Stichting Z-CERT as a Linux DevOps engineer. During MCH2022 you can also find me at the HackTheHealth stand which I helped organize together. In my free time you can find me at hackerspace Bitlair where I like to build stuff out of cardboard or 3D print other kinds of cool art.
I'm a collector of stickers so if you have cool stickers you wanna share come and find me at the HackTheHealth stand.

  • Guardians of the Dutch healthcare
Nick Bouwhuis

Hi! I'm Nick. I'm a part-time entrepreneur and NOC engineer at Speakup, a VoIP provider based in Enschede. In my role as NOC engineer role I am responsible for Speakup's phone and IP-network.

As a part-time entrepreneur I run a freelance IT and Managed Hosting business.

  • Getting started with VoIP and Asterisk
  • Reverse engineering the Albert Heijn app for fun and profit
Niels ten Oever

Niels is a postdoctoral researcher with the ‘Making the hidden visible: Co-designing for public values in standards-making and governance’-project at the Media Studies department at the University of Amsterdam. He is also a postdoctoral scholar with the Communications Department at Texas A&M University, research fellow with the Centre for Internet and Human Rights – European University Viadrina, and associated scholar with the Centro de Tecnologia e Sociedade at the Fundação Getúlio Vargas. His research focuses on how norms, such as human rights, get inscribed, resisted, and subverted in the Internet infrastructure through its transnational governance.

Niels tries to understand how invisible infrastructures provide a socio-technical ordering to information societies and how this influences the distribution of wealth, power, and possibilities.

While writing his PhD ‘Wired Norms: Inscription, resistance, and subversion in the governance of the Internet infrastructure’, Niels was affiliated with the DATACTIVE Research Group at the Media Studies and Political Science department at the University of Amsterdam. Before that Niels has worked as Head of Digital for ARTICLE19 where he designed, fund-raised, and set up the digital programme which covered the Internet Engineering Taskforce, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, the Institute for Electric and Electronic Engineers, and the International Telecommunications Union. Before that Niels designed and implemented freedom of expression projects with Free Press Unlimited. He holds a cum laude MA in Philosophy from the University of Amsterdam.

  • Wired Norms: Inscription, resistance, and subversion in the governance of the Internet infrastructure
Nils Amiet

Nils is a Senior Security Engineer on Kudelski Security’s research team performing research on various topics including privacy, authentication, big data analytics, and internet scanning. He also writes blog posts on various topics for Kudelski’s research blog. Nils likes open source software and has presented his research at DEF CON and Black Hat Arsenal. He was part of creating a massively distributed system for breaking RSA public keys.

  • The smart home I didn't ask for
Oscar Koeroo

Oscar is currently a CISO at a government organisation and is interested in everything from the very technical, to the higher level organisational sides of IT Security. He has previously worked in a global scientific community and also a vital infrastructure provider, in which sharing knowledge, experiences and collaboration have been a constant. Part time he teaches at the University of Leiden and Nyenrode because sharing is caring!

  • OpenKAT: Looking at security with cat eyes
  • Cyber crises and what you can do to face the challenge
Party Area

The MCH2022 May Contain Happiness.

The party area is located opposite to the food trucs and can be recognized by the music stage, stage and laser lights and flame throwers.

  • Jam session: Music Created by Hackers
  • Jam session: Music Created by Hackers
  • Jam session: Music Created by Hackers
  • Jam session: Music Created by Hackers
  • DIY on the music stage
  • Silent contemplation in A-major
  • Symphony of Fire
  • Real time IRL performance
  • Electronic Music clinic by professionals
  • Breaky breaky
  • DIY on the music stage
  • Silent contemplation in A-major
  • Real time IRL performance
  • Electronic Music clinic by professionals
  • Breaky breaky
  • DIY on the music stage
  • Silent contemplation in A-major
  • Real time IRL performance 2
  • Real time IRL performance 1
  • PubQuizzzzzzz
  • Breaky breaky
  • DIY on the music stage - please go there!
  • Silent contemplation in A-major
  • Real time IRL performance
  • Electronic Music clinic by professionals
  • Breaky breaky
  • Electronic Music clinic by professionals
Pascal Ahout
  • Building a cheap laser harp for percussionists

I studied Computer Science at Technische Universität Wien (Vienna, Austria) with a focus on Human Computer Interaction and Ethics in CS.
Based on the work on my master's thesis (which is the basis for my MCH workshop proposal), I already published two peer-reviewed articles, and conducted national and international workshops.

I have a strong interest in politics, activism and society and the connections in between these topics and computer sciences. I was a student representative and political activist on various university levels (Österreichische Hochschüler_innenschaft) over the course of my studies, and am a member of Chaos Computer Club Wien (c3w) and metalab (hackspace in Vienna).

  • How to make your project more inclusionary

pcwizz is a curious creature. He enjoys learning new things, creating innovative artefacts and furthering the quest of knowledge acquisition. Beyond the terminal he enjoys music, politics and pontificating.

Warning: Liable to blather on about trains or whatever else is in his head.

  • Audio networks and their security implications

Peter van Eijk is one of the world's most experienced independent cloud trainers. Before that, he worked as an IT strategy and risk consultant at a big four firm and did lots of other different interesting jobs. Other than that he is a small-time hacker.
In his capacity as an associate professor at Hogeschool Utrecht he is one of the founders of the

  • Public speaking for technical people. You can do it too!
Peter Bosch

I'm a hacker based in the The Hague area, currently working as a security researcher for a large chip manufacturer. In the past I have hacked PC microcode, firmware security and written emulators for security coprocessor firmware.

I may have a slight hoarding issue as far as lab and test equipment goes, and I've never been stopped by common ideas about feasibility! Getting a SEM? Reversing an unknown instruction set and unknown encryption through looking at mask ROM? I've tried and succeeded.

  • Electron microscopes - How we learned to stop worrying and love cheap lab equipment.
Peter Cywinski
  • Electron microscopes - How we learned to stop worrying and love cheap lab equipment.
Pieter Vander Vennet

After studying informatics, I rolled into OpenStreetMap. My day-to-day job is building routeplanners (especially for cyclists) and mobility analysis tools.

At the same time I built an editor to make editing OpenStreetMap as easy as possible by focussing on just a single topic at a time. Check it out at

  • OpenStreetMap for Beginners
  • OpenStreetMap for Beginners
Q Misell
  • ISO/IEC Standard Magical Code Witch
  • Guardian of the obscure standards
  • Rust and python sorceress
  • Director and C{E,T,F}O at Glauca Digital
  • Originally from Cardiff, Wales, now in Aberdeen, Scotland
  • Student at the University of Aberdeen
  • The rest is a secret :)
  • Running a Domain Registrar for Fun and (some) Profit

Open Source fanatic, active in the Reproducible Builds project (in particular on NixOS and the JVM), maintaining the Notion window manager, administering the LinuxMusicians forum, regular at Hack42, working on Akka for Lightbend.

  • Reproducible Builds for Trustworthy Binaries
Reinier van der Leer

I am an Electrical Engineering student, but studying was never my strong suit. I like to build things, take up projects and make things happen. That's also how I landed in the organization of SHA2017, and in the badge team for MCH2022 as project lead.

Projects of my own include the Metertrekker (a device to extract information from modern Dutch electricity meters), a cheap DIY induction loop amplifier to accommodate (on a budget) people with hearing aids,, and various other web-based projects, some of which are proprietary.

I'm very interested in efficiency and sustainability in general, and in effective and engaging education. You can follow me on Twitter to see some of the random things I stumble across or think about in life. :)

  • Badge workshop
  • Badge talk
  • Badge FPGA Workshop
Renze Nicolai

Hardware hacker, software engineer, hackerspace boardmember of the awesome TkkrLab hackerspace in Enschede. I work for Locamation, which develops control and protection systems for the electricity grid. The past years I've spend most of my off time on developing the MCH2022 badge, together with all of the amazing people of BADGE.TEAM.

  • Badge workshop
  • Badge talk

Living in ccc comunity for years now, in the power and radio team at OHM, SHA, MCH, Congress, Camp, GPN, mostly build up and tier down at all days. The Key making department is on duty on most events. Doing a lot of talks in electronic and mechanical locks, caravan and other open source projects.

  • Infrastructure review

Richard has more then 20 years experience in the IT security. He was in the sideline of many hacks that hit the Dutch media the past years. He is mostly in the bleuteam, but knows his way around in the red.

  • Make fun graphs with your whatsapp chats
  • Make fun graphs with your whatsapp chats
Rick van Rein

Rick is the architect behind the open source project, and one of its developers. The project draws on years of his experience analysing open protocols and their authentication and privacy. The project has now matured to a stage where IETF draft standards are stable-ish and their implementations demonstrate that they work.

The overall goal of the project is to facilitate domain owners with maximum control over their online presence (and that of their users) and the most dire need for that seems to be an ability to authenticate as a user of the domain.

Rick has studied elektrotechnical engineering for 4 years, electronics for 3 years (both at a practical level) and after a year of mixed education completed an academic degree in computer science. He then worked as a teacher for a full year, and returned to the university for promotional work.

After acquiring a PhD, Rick founded, aimed at security and privacy, mostly in networking systems, and always aiming at strong cryptography with the easiest user experience. Five years later, Rick also founded, which aims to research/develop technology for sustainable purposes. Perfect technology solves many problems in one stroke, so these two approaches are combined where possible.

  • Hacking with Microbes
  • Bring Your Own IDentity
Rob Coleman

Hacker, dad, been there and back again, and did it all.
Now i am wise and can solve world hunger, if only they would listen to me...
Hack the planet, free the animals, feed the people, make love not war.
Sell weapons and abolisch army's, make plows not guns and we all have a ball ;)

  • Around the world in 80 networks, Hacking Universities Worldwide. ( ...lessons learned at age 15. )
  • Badge talk
Ron Roozendaal

Ron Roozendaal is director of Information Policy and CIO of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. He is responsible for Information Policy in the health care sector (e.g. big data, cybersecurity, cybersecurity, identification and authentication and interoperability), the functioning of the Dutch Healthcare Information Council and quality assurance as to the aspect of information and ICT in the activities of the Ministry. Furthermore, he is also the director of the Programme Directorate tasked with the development of digital solutions to address the COVID-19 pandemic, e.g. national notification app (CoronaMelder) and the test and vaccination certificate app.

  • Hacking COVID: Hackers helping the government
Ronan Loftus

Ronan is a senior security analyst at Riscure in Delft. His work focuses mostly on the security of embedded devices. This consists of both white box and black box evaluations. The work includes things such as code reviews of components like TEE OSs and TAs, penetration tests of mobile phones and other embedded devices, and Fault Injection on high security chips.

  • Fault Injection on a modern multicore System on Chip

Information Security ISNIC, the .is DNS registry. Co-founder of the Technical Error Correction Collective. Tech, policy, and activism background. Previously Chief Information Security Officer / Head of INfrastructure at OCCRP.

Co-operated with a number of EU-based organisations working in the digital human rights area and participated in a bunch of Internet governance meetings. Main policy interests: information security, privacy in the digital age, Internet governance (including censorship, surveillance, Net Neutrality), copyright reform, digital media literacy.

  • Trusted CDNs without gatekeepers
  • Making sense of social media, freedom of speech, and fascists
  • Signal: you were the chosen one!
Samantha Humphries

Samantha has been happily entrenched in the cybersecurity industry for over 20 years. During this time she has helped hundreds of organizations of all shapes, sizes, and geographies recover and learn from cyberattacks, defined strategy for pioneering security products and technologies, and is a regular speaker at security conferences around the world. In her current regeneration, Sam is part of the global product marketing team at Exabeam, where she has responsibility for anything that has “cloud” in the name. She authors articles and blogs for various security publications, has a strong passion for mentoring, and often volunteers at community events, including BSides, The Diana Initiative, and Blue Team Village (DEFCON).

  • Attribution is bullshit - change my mind...
Sander Steffann

I'm an internet engineer in the broadest sense of the term. I started in 1995 with a small ISP in Apeldoorn (NL), and in those days you had to do everything yourself: from configuring the router (singular) to compiling the kernel and software for your webserver and email server.

I studied computer science at the University of Twente and have been a self-employed consultant since 2010, doing projects for enterprise and ISP customers. Since 2021 I have been working for 6connect, a company that makes enterprise DDI (DNS & DHCP & IPAM) software.

  • Keep Ukraine Connected
Sergei Volokitin

Sergei Volokitin is a security analyst at Riscure in the Netherlands where his work is mostly focused on security evaluation of embedded systems and security testing of smart card platforms and TEE based solutions. He has a number of publications on Java Card platform attacks and conference presentations on hardware security.

  • Fault Injection on a modern multicore System on Chip
SETUP, de Transmissie & Rodrigo Ferreira

SETUP is an Utrecht-based medialab, established in 2010

Combining our research background with artistic practice, we strive to create an enriched, critical stance towards emerging technologies. What impact do new technologies have on society? What negative consequences can digitalization have and how can we steer developments towards more fruitful futures?

To make this happen, we collaborate with artists, designers, scientists and other specialists in artistic research to imagine and visualize these possible futures. Over the years, we have developed a distinctive style, which allows us to translate complex issues into mediagenic, straight-to-the-heart projects and works of art. We stimulate people to create an ethical countermovement. To see what we can – or have to – do differently. That is why our artistic research is aimed at a wide audience and why we collaborate with governmental institutions, schools, libraries and other organizations.

  • The Silicon Passion
Shubham Shah

Shubham Shah is the co-founder and CTO of Assetnote. Shubham is a prolific bug bounty hunter in the top 50 hackers on HackerOne and has presented at various industry events including QCon London, Kiwicon, AusCert, BSides Canberra and CrikeyCon. In his free time, Shubham enjoys performing high impact application security research.

  • Finding 0days in Enterprise Web Applications
Sicco van Sas

I've been a developer at Open State Foundation since 2015. I hold a BSc and MSc in Artificial Intelligence (since before it became a buzzword), but these days I'm much more into Open (Government) Data, civic tech en digital transparency.

  • Democracy: Eventually Digitally Transparent?
Sietse Ringers
  • Obtained PhD in mathematics and cryptography in october 2016
  • Previously postdoctoral researcher into privacy and security through cryptography at Radboud University
  • IRMA developer since 2015 and lead developer and architect since end 2016, currently at SIDN
  • IRMA's Idemix core: Understanding the crypto behind selective, unlinkable attribute disclosure

« La liberté ne s'use, que si on ne s'en sert pas. »

  • Web artisan with 20 years of experience (CEO at
  • Main-developer of the project (
  • Treasurer of the french Fund for Defense of Net Neutrality (
  • : Decentralized search engine for press reviews
Smári McCarthy

Smári is a programmer, pilot, writer, solarpunk, and a former member of the Icelandic Parliament. Out of frustration with the lack of progress on fixing Earth's climate, he founded Ecosophy, a company aiming to bridge the gap between scientific knowledge and climate action.

  • Literally Hacking the Planet: How Earth Systems Models Work
  • Hope : It is too late to be pessimistic (about climate change)

Hey all, my name is Sonia. I work as a psychotherapist with a background in all things internet while having boots on the ground. Currently, my work focus is on the connection between H/Activism, Cyber, and Mental Health = CyberWell. Activist burnout, social anxieties, isolation, and depression seem to be a field lacking more open discussions which with your help we can fix.

  • Hactivism and Mental Health - CyberWell
  • TIC-80 byte jam
Sven Neuhaus

Software developer and system administrator with interests in security, privacy, sailing, space and VR. Also: Dark chocolate!

  • Live streaming 360° video with your own infrastructure
The Anykey

Amateur software and hardware hacker. Like to design and make things using both old-school methods and modern methods. I am a happy owner/user of a 3D Printers, Laser cutter and CNC machine. One of my first big projects van creating and programming a 100 Raspberry PI 3D Scanner. Some of my projects can be found on

  • Hacking the Quincy Drawing Robot (and possible win one!)
  • Popsicle Bridge Building Competition
  • Program a Robotic arm (Uarm Swift Pro) with Python or Scratch.
Thijs Alkemade

Thijs Alkemade (@xnyhps) works at the security research division of at Computest. This division is responsible for advanced security research on commonly used systems and environments. Thijs has won Pwn2Own twice, by demonstrating a zero-day attack against Zoom at Pwn2Own Vancouver 2021 and by demonstrating multiple exploits in ICS systems at Pwn2Own Miami 2022. In previous research he demonstrated several attacks against the macOS and iOS operating systems. He has a background in both mathematics and computer science, which gives him a lot of experience with cryptography and programming language theory.

  • macOS local security: escaping the sandbox and bypassing TCC
  • Hacking the pandemic's most popular software: Zoom
  • ICS stands for Insecure Control Systems
Thijs Mikx

Thijs works with welfare waste. Based on his vision that waste products have a form of their own, he immediately sees what else can be made from them. He is currently working with car tyres and prefers to work with your own tyres.

  • Fire Dragon
Thomas Rinsma

Thomas Rinsma is a Security Analyst at Codean, focusing on continuous software security. Before, he was a Senior Security Analyst at Riscure, where he was primarily focused on mobile payment applications, but was also involved in security evaluations of TEEs/TAs, back-end systems, and embedded devices like smart energy meters, consumer routers, elevator controllers and set-top-boxes.

  • Payment terminals as general purpose (game-)computers
Tijmen Schep

Tijmen Schep is a technology critic, privacy designer and public speaker focussing ethical innovation. As a critic, his goal is to help a wider audience develop nuanced understanding of technological questions that face society. He coined the term “Social Cooling” to describe the data-driven chilling effects that can occur as we move from an information society to a “reputation economy”.

As a designer he helps develop privacy enhancing technologies. His book “Design my Privacy” is used by universities of applied design across the Netherlands and Germany. His work on Candle, a privacy friendly smart home prototype, won him a Dutch Privacy Award.

He currently works as an artist for the EU Sherpa project, which explores what issues around AI society should deal with by 2025.

Photo by Giorgos Gripeos, CC-BY

  • What can AI learn from your face? The making of
  • Candle, the privacy friendly smart home
Tijmen Swaalf

Former campaign strategist for a Dutch NGO on digital civil rights. Currently working as De Charmeur, helping companies optimize their workflows whilst advocating for digital ethics and responsible practices. And doing some entertainment along the way.

  • The art of online discobingo
Tom "Halcyon" Clement
  • A Smart Light Hacking Journey
Turmio / Mikko Kenttälä

I have been working in InfoSec since 2009. As a profession I have concentrated on building cyber security solutions. I also still love to get technical and I do vulnerability research as a hobby.

As said in my Twitter bio:
Im interested about Hacking, Cyber and politics.

Founder and CEO of @SensorFu

Board member: @KyberVPK / @JK_ry

InfoSec Specialist: @effi_ry (Electronic Frontier Finland)

  • My journey to find vulnerabilities in macOS

volunteer @ HEU, HIP, HAL, WTH, HAR, and SHA

  • hack your brain
Vesna Manojlovic

Expertise: Measurement tools for Internet performance, RIPE Atlas, RIPEstat, IPv6, routing security, Regional Internet Registries (RIRs), Internet governance, Policy Development Process.

Vesna Manojlovic is the Senior Community Builder with a focus on measurement tools.

She joined the RIPE NCC as a Trainer in 1999. In 2003, she took responsibility for developing and delivering advanced courses, such as RPSL, Routing Registry, DNSSEC and IPv6. In 2008, she lead efforts to establish IPv6 RIPEness as a measure of IPv6 deployment among LIRs. In 2011, she joined the Science Division as Manager of the Measurements Community Building team.

Vesna also takes part in and gives presentations at many technical conferences and workshops.

Vesna received a BS in Computer Science and Informatics from the School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade. She has three children.

  • Internet measurements with RIPE NCC tools
  • Computing within Limits
will scott

My work centers on how to make a more resilient web. To that end, I've worked on projects ranging from internet-wide measurement to privacy-protecting messaging systems. My current work is building decentralized systems (like IPFS) to support community resilience.

I've been a ski instructor, rode the transsiberian railroad to CCC, speak some chinese, and enjoy playing with fire. I taught computer science in pyongyang.

  • Building decentralized applications with IPFS

Nee ik wil dus helemaal geen biografie schrijven over mezelf. Ik doe dit praatje vooral omdat Igor mij dwingt en nu moet ik weer 10 tekens invoeren :(

  • Making our house futureproof
Wojciech Kozlowski

Wojciech Kozlowski studied Theoretical Quantum Physics at the University of Cambridge where he obtained his MSci (2012). He then completed his PhD in Atomic and Laser Physics at the University of Oxford (2016). In his PhD he studied the interactions of quantum light with trapped cold atomic gases and developed theoretical models for the resulting competition between measurement back-action and intrinsic atomic dynamics.

Following his PhD studies, Wojciech decided that he would rather dive into Computer Science. Therefore, rather than following an academic career he went to work as a software engineer in the network protocols team at Metaswitch in London. It is here that he developed his interest in computer networks. During his time in industry, Wojciech was able to learn the basic theory of operation of computer networks whilst gaining practical experience in implementing and running network software.

Wojciech found out about QuTech while attending the IETF 101 meeting in London where the Quantum Internet Research Group at the IRTF was formed. Less than a year later, in February 2019 Wojciech joined QuTech as a postdoc in the Wehner Group. His research work focused on quantum network protocol design and the software architecture for quantum networking nodes. In the meantime he also became a co-chair of the Quantum Internet Research Group at the IRTF. As of April 2021, Wojciech is a Quantum Network Engineer at QuTech. In his new role he works on developing the overall software architecture for quantum networks covering both the data and control plane.

  • Introduction to quantum networks
Wout Debaenst

Wout is a senior Red Team Operator at NVISO and specializes in the simulation of Advance Persistent Threat (APT) groups that might target your organization. He is the main driver behind the phishing methodology of NVISO’s Red Team engagements and ironically loves explaining how to make his job harder.

Outside of getting hyped over nerdy stuff, he is an avid traveller with a love for extreme sports like parkour and freediving.

  • How to sneak past the Blue Team of your nightmares
Yolan Romailler

Yolan is an applied cryptographer delving into (and dwelling on) cryptography, crypto coding, distributed systems and other fun things. He has notably spoken at Black Hat USA, BSidesLV, Cryptovillage, GopherConEU, Northsec and DEF CON, on topics including automation in cryptography, public keys vulnerabilities, elliptic curve crypto, post-quantum crypto, functional encryption, and more! He also presented at FDTC the first known practical fault attack against the EdDSA signature scheme.
Yolan tweets as @anomalroil.

  • drand: publicly verifiable randomness explained
  • Gopass: a password manager in your terminal